My Husband is Jealous of my Cat

I can’t say that I blame him really. The majority of our conversations resort to talking about my favorite cat, Toggle. I have been a cat lover my entire life. When we first started dating my husband told me he was allergic to cats. Yeah, nice try my friend. I told him to suck it up because having cats is an essential part of my life! He was wishy-washy for a couple of months. One day, he told me he would go to the doctor and would get allergy shots if he needed to because I wanted cats. Can you even handle it? How did I get so lucky? This fabulous guy was willing to get shots so I could have a cat. This man loathes shots, any kind of needle, or any type of physical pain.

My husband owns a business with his father. He was discussing how I desperately wanted a cat. He told his dad he was going to need to go get allergy shots. His dad said that he wasn’t allergic. My dear sweet husband thought he was allergic to cats because his dad said that he was. In his mind, if his dad was allergic to something, automatically he must be too. On a whim, he went through his entire life believing he was allergic to cats. He never questioned it or needed medication to his said allergy prior to meeting me. His dad told him he only said he was allergic because he doesn’t like cats. Lucky for my husband, he didn’t need shots. Lucky for me, we now have 4 cats. I think I’m the one who came out on top.

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