Missing my Darling Granddad

My granddad was one of my most favorite male figures in my life. This man was a strong, kind, funny and generous man. I always used to say that he was like Bill Cosby. Now I feel that I have to clarify he was like him, minus all the sex scandal drama. Seriously though, my granddad was not into those types of sketchy situations.

He was a great story-teller. He was captivating to listen to. I never got tired of his stories, even when I had heard them a hundred times. When he was 8, he was helping chop wood for his family and got a splinter in his eye. This caused blindness in his left eye. As an adult my granddad wanted to be in the army, yet knew he wouldn’t pass the physical due to his blindness. He paid a homeless man to take his physical so he could join the army!!! Seriously, this is an incredible story. In today’s society there is no way you could get away with something like that. My granddad had so much love and pride for his country that he would go to any length to be able to fight for it and our freedoms. I don’t know where he came up with the idea. How would one go about even attempting something like that? Baffles me. Looking back, that was probably my favorite part of his story. When you know your grandparents, you see them as older. It’s hard to imagine them when they were young and vibrant. I mean, this was so daring.

I learned so many things from him. One of the most important was his unconditional love. The way he loved my grammy was incredible. He was her biggest fan. He helped her hem pants. He would help her measure her dessert bars so each piece was uniform. He treated her like a queen. You could see in his eyes that she was the love of his life. He was always so loving and tender with her. Everything they did, they did as a couple. She adored him right back. I never saw them bicker once!! My mom said she never heard an argument when she was growing up. This was the real deal. My granddad adored my mom, and just cherished my sister and me. Whenever he was around, I knew that no matter what mistakes I made he would always love me.

We just had the 5 year anniversary since his passing. He died on February 13th. My grammy had passed away 3 years earlier. My sister said he left the earth that day so he could spend Valentines Day with my grammy. I always think of that now. It’s a sweet, comforting thought. No matter how many years pass, I will always miss my granddad. He was truly one of a kind.

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