My Toddler the Tornado

I don’t know how other moms make it look so easy. My mom was like a magician! My sister and I are 16 months apart. She owned her own private therapy practice, made homemade healthy meals almost daily, kept my sister and I cleaned and entertained, plus the house was always spotless. Like, museum quality perfection. Everything was in its place.

Seeing my own little tornado, it makes no sense to me how my mom did it. I can barely keep anything clean for 5 minutes. If I get laundry done, some dishes cleaned and maybe have a semi-homemade meal I feel like superwoman. This child has more toys than I know what to do with. Everything has a designated place, but rarely stays there. One of her favorite activities is to pull all her clothes out of drawers and the closet. Partially my fault, since I have clothes stocked until she is 6!

I feel like I clean up the same 4 messes all day long. My husband never complains, but I get nervous that he doesn’t think I do anything all day. Some days I question if I do anything worthwhile. I’m sure the day will come where my little love will be old enough to do fun activities and crafts. Until then I must learn to accept that I will continue to pick up the same things again, and again, and again.

I know one day she won’t be little and I will probably miss her constant messes. There is this pressure, from who I’m not exactly sure, where I believe that my house needs to be sparkling clean. If I don’t have an amazing home cooked meal waiting for my husband when he comes home from work, I feel like I failed. If I’m not doing some glamorous project with my daughter I panick that I am stunting her ability to become the person she is supposed to become.

This is probably all part of the process of motherhood. My daughter is thriving. She’s a happy girl. We read, snuggle, play, make messes and sing together. For now, that should be enough. I finally have her down for a nap today. Once again, a struggle. I can’t pick up her mess now because she will wake up. Why do we constantly clean up after our children? She’s going to make the same mess 6,000 times. Ugh! That’s what I should do! Just leave the mess; maybe she will become an artist or decorator and this is the start of her passion? Sure. Whatever works right?

2 responses to “My Toddler the Tornado

  1. I loved reading this! I THINK the exact same thing every—-SINGLE—day! Embracing that “whatever works” attitude is one of my favorite things lately! 🙂 I discovered my guy didn’t mind too much if I didn’t get the laundry done, and he’s actually started helping out even more when I stopped trying to be so darn perfect. And phew, it makes me feel much better and I get a little more sincere time with my baby boy. Great read (and so nice to have other moms to relate to! Even if only virtually!).