I NEEEED a Barn!

I’m just a country girl without a barn. Also, I don’t live in the country. These both need to change. I have dreams that having some acreage and a barn will be terribly chic and improve my quality of life significantly.

Growing up, we had a friend who had a fantastic barn. It was our baby sitter and we entertained ourselves for hours! There was a juke box, trampoline, swing, and lots of hot chocolate and apple cider. My daughter definitely needs something like this in her life!

I envision running around the yard, having picnics, bon fires and the occasional hay ride. I want her to have a childhood that is filled with the simple beauty of nature and space of her own to explore. I want to have barn parties. I want to have Thanksgiving in a barn that is worthy of Country Living.

How can I make this my reality? I can do this. One day I will have a barn! One day I will make that barn the most spectacular barn the earth has ever seen! I want a tire swing, a zip line and slack line placed between beautiful mature trees that will obviously be near my perfect barn.

I should get a goat! Maybe I will get a goat? Probably not a goat, but will continue to enjoy my plethora of cats. I could possibly justify getting more?!?! Hopefully my husband will think I’m so charming that he will support my barn endeavors. Once he sees how magical I will make it I bet he will be begging me to get more cats. And then maybe a goat.

Yes, this is happening! I will make it happen.

I told my husband about my barn idea and the possibility of acquiring more cats. He stared at me in silence. He is fine with a barn. He is not ok with more cats. I think this is still negotiable. Right?

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