Baby Locks are my Nemesis

Every day I feel like we are needing to lock something else down so wee little one can’t destroy the house. I hate baby proofing. I hate that once we make something safe for her, she finds a new way to be destructive.

This kid is funny. She climbs everything! She opens drawers so she can get on the counter. She is fearless. Any time we open the fridge she runs straight for the mustard, what?!? Silly girl!

We started baby proofing when she began to crawl. This was not productive for us. For one thing, the parents are supposed to be smarter than the baby locks. I cannot tell you how many times I locked myself out of cupboards or drawers.

One night, I broke one of the locks so I could get into a cupboard. This is absolutely ridiculous. We decided to use carabiners to lock the cabinets. Success! Since using the carabiners the house seems to be much safer.

Every time we feel that we have a handle on this parenting thing, she finds new things to get into. She has taken over the house. Her toys are spilling out of her room. She has a bunch of stuff in our room. She has several baskets in the family room. Now, she has several cupboards in the kitchen.

We are constantly moving things higher and higher and rapidly running out of space. I love that we are lucky enough for her to have toys to play with and space to take over. I just didn’t realize that we all have SO much stuff. We’ve already donated a bunch. This beautiful child is taking over my house!

She is almost able to climb over the baby gates. How will I be able to contain her then? Once again, my house is trashed! She is mostly clean. She’s full. She seems decently happy and entertained for the moment. We’ve read the same story today at least 7 times already. All in all I call this a win-ish!

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