Wiping the Wrinkles Away!

I wish this was a real thing. My daughter has been wiping my moms face, as well as mine recently. My mom watches her on the days I work. She called me one day and said that she thinks my daughter doesn’t like her wrinkles, as she was constantly wiping her face.

She has been doing this to me as well. I wonder if she is upset because our skin isn’t as smooth and perfect as hers? I wonder what goes through her head since she does this to not only myself but my mom. Do my wrinkles bother her? Do I look that old that I’m offending a toddler with my fine lines?

Maybe I need Botox. I hear it does wonders. I’m totally afraid of Botox. I don’t want to look plastic or have a botched job. All these silly things make me wonder if I need work done. I’m 31, some days I feel confident and secure with myself. Other days I just see all the imperfections.

This leads to many thoughts. One, I don’t want my daughter to have as bad of a self-image that I have of myself. Two, looks aren’t the only important thing in life. Third, society makes our looks feel like they are the only thing that matters/should matter for women. I’m an intelligent person, why am I getting sucked into societal pressure to feel that I have to do/be it all?

I don’t want wrinkles. I don’t like my wrinkles. Why am I partially believing that my worth consists on how many people think I look pretty and youthful? Seriously, so many thoughts flying around my head on this topic. As a social work female, I feel that it is my duty to promote self-love. How silly that I strongly want to promote something I rarely practice on myself. I see the best in a lot of people and am full of compliments for others. When people say flattering things to me I believe they have ulterior motives or are lying.

There are moments when I would rather be called intelligent, funny, kind, and/or genuine over beautiful. Then I get sucked into the destructive cycle again, panicking that people won’t see anything special about me as I get older. Women have a tremendous amount of pressure to be so many things and have endless positive attributes. I know I’m not the only woman or mother who struggles with feelings of insecurities.

It seems like little girls are focusing on their appearances at younger ages. I think my child is exquisite.  I however, also tell her she is funny, clever, sweet, kind, spunky and important; among other things. I want her to feel worthy of being anything she would like in this world. I want her inner beauty to be appreciated more so than her outer beauty. Realistically, we live in a world where her outer beauty will probably get her further in life than her inner beauty. How sad.

From now until forever, it is my responsibility to help my child to become a strong, confident girl. I have to push my insecurities aside so that I can help her thrive. Is this what all mothers feel that we have to do? Why do we continue to accept that this is how we have to think and strive to be? We (women) are constantly in competition with other women in every aspect of our lives. Why don’t we support each other? We are all battling unrealistic expectations to be perfect. We should be celebrating our uniqueness and the qualities that truly make a person beautiful.

We should promote kindness. We should support one another and fight for a world where women are really seen as equals. We should appreciate that everyone has value. We should, we should, we should…….There are so many shoulds. Will there ever be this type of reality? My own insecurities make me think about the bigger picture. Logically, I don’t want to get Botox on principle and want to stop hating what I view as flaws. I want to embrace what really makes me an individual. I’m human and in the back of my mind, I still want to be beautiful and have no wrinkles.

I want many things for my life. I want many things for my child. I want it all and don’t think it’s too much to ask for. So confusing. I mean, if I could wipe my wrinkles away I would absolutely be all over that! In a heart beat! To live in a world where we could all have it all. Wishful thinking. Maybe my daughter is onto a new treatment for wrinkles?!?

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  1. editingsarah59

    I found you on Mom Bloggers club. I’m disabled, unmarried though I would really like to be, went through some abuse as a little girl.. I struggle a lot with self image issues