Puke Problems

I was cleaning up our room yesterday and we have a couch near our bed. As I was putting away all the baby toys I noticed something on the couch. Being the curious human that I am I smelled it of course. Yep, that’s vomit.

My child has done this weird thing for the past several months where she will work herself up and puke. We discussed it with her doctor who things it’s a behavioral issue. Doesn’t make it any less disgusting.

Sometimes she will just be walking or playing, throw up a little and then be on her merry little way. There have been other disasters where she doesn’t want to take a nap and will gag herself and throw up on the floor. It’s weird. It’s gross. It smells.

I have had the pleasure of having her throw up way more than I feel a toddler can fit into her tiny body, spilled down the inside of my shirt and bra. One of these times we were trying to have a nice weekend in the mountains with some friends. My daughter did not want us to have a good time I suppose.

I hope she grows out of this phase. I actually thought we already had it under control since she hasn’t done it for some time. Wishful thinking on my part. At least for now I can find where the smell is coming from and can clean it up. It seems that she has drive-by pukings; doesn’t matter what or who is in her way.

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