No Panties? No Problem?

This might be true, if I wasn’t talking about my non-potty trained toddler. She has become quite the exhibitionist lately. She loves to strip off her clothes and pull her diapers off. I can’t keep them on her!

We are in the beginning stages of attempting to introduce her to the potty. She likes to sit on her little potty, but doesn’t seem interested in actually trying to use it. We also have a little potty seat that fits in our toilet, which she also declines to use.

The past week has gotten more difficult. She has a history of taking off her clothes, but usually leaves her diaper on. Now she just wants to streak and parade around in her birthday suit. The only reason this bothers me is that she isn’t potty trained and I don’t want bodily fluids all over my house.

My hopes may be too high. On Thursday evening she was running around without clothes on, our new normal. My husband came home and saw a naked baby and gave me a questioning look. I told him she wouldn’t wear anything, and not for my lack of effort.

We practiced sitting on the potty. Asked her if she needed to go many times. She continuously said no. She was running back and forth between our bedroom and hers. Next thing we know, she is squatting behind the chair in her room and peeing on the floor. Doesn’t seem to faze her in the slightest. She continues to play as if nothing happened.

On Friday night, we were in a similar situation. She seemed to be more interested in spending some time on her potty. We asked again if she needed to use it, she declined. This went on for a good 20-30 minutes. Next thing we know, she is peeing in the hallway. She did grab a baby wipe and was trying to clean the carpet, which was endearing.

I’m not complaining about this situation. I don’t feel that I need advice on what to do. I know she will learn to use the potty when she is ready. I think we are headed in that direction, I just am not sure if we are there yet. It’s the in-between that is slightly concerning. She definitely needs diapers, but doesn’t want to wear them. She isn’t interested in the toilet. She knows how to dress and undress herself. She’s just under 20 months and is very strong willed.

She gives us no indication that she is aware that she had to pee yet. She is very aware that diapers, panties, pants are of no interest to her. I know there is a solution. I know we will figure this all out. I am hopeful this resolves itself before she starts making “art” with her waste. That is my greatest fear. People do that at the jail often. Makes it more of a reality that things like that actually happen. Please oh please dear child, please don’t make me presents just yet.

Mommyhood sure does have its ups and downs. While this behavior is kind of humorous because she is so darn cute, it is not one of my favorite cleaning activities. They should have highly absorbent diaper lined rugs that people can place all over their floors when they are anywhere near the potty training process. Maybe I’ll make a diaper quilt and cover our entire house with it.

3 responses to “No Panties? No Problem?

  1. Adorable! I was thinking just yesterday, “keeping underwear on my little guy was my newest problem”. Must be good to be so free! He brought up a book and I was halfway through reading it before I realized he was naked down below it.