Reduction Recovery

I had my breast reduction on Monday the 6th. I was terrified and shaking with nerves. The plastic surgeon, nurses and the entire staff were beyond reassuring. On a side note, I feel that they should send everyone home with a vial of Versed instead of narcotics. That was lovely!

As for pain, I haven’t really had much. I’ve been sore, but mainly where the drainage tubes were. Those came out on Wednesday. More than anything I am itchy. I want to scratch the living day lights out of my boobs, but that would probably open up my sutures.

Other than the multi-colored bruising I am quite pleased with the results so far. They are perky, smaller and have a nice shape. I wish I would have done this a decade ago! I’m bummed that I can’t work out for a while or pick up my toddler. Except I have a couple of times, shhhh.

The Dr. gave me Valium since I can’t handle any type of narcotics so I have been pretty loopy and keep getting my days mixed up. I already feel so much better in my skin and feel more confident. My husband who was sad when I initially told him I wanted a reduction, is now thrilled and says they are a good size and perky. I don’t need his approval, but it is nice to have it.

However, since I have all this Valium in my system I’m sure I continue to ask my mom and husband the same questions incessantly. I have also caught up on a lot of sleep. This is the main benefit of this surgery so far. Anyone with children, especially a toddler knows how precious even a moment to ourselves is.

I’m sure this post makes no sense since I am still in a daze. I would have written about my experience sooner, but I think any attempt at writing would have ended in disaster. I believe that anyone should be allowed to do with their own bodies as they see fit. As long as it isn’t extremely destructive. I’m so grateful I have family close by to help me take care of my little one so I can recover. I’m so lucky to have a supportive husband who tells me he just wants me to be happy. I have some amazing friends, and now I have some amazing boobs. Today is a good day.

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