Fitness Vs. Frosting

Over the weekend I ate an entire jar of chocolate frosting. I’m not even PMSing! Since my reduction I haven’t been able to do much in the work-out department. Being a mom, I keep my fat stored nicely in my mid-section, sexy huh?

Like a lot of people, I struggle with balance. I LOVE sugar. Like, I mean LOVE! I don’t treat myself once a day, I treat myself constantly, throughout my day! I’ve tried giving it up several times, I can’t. I don’t have the willpower. I don’t know if I want to have the willpower.

I try to workout semi-regularly. I’ve always been pretty thin, but I would love to tone up. I was doing pretty well. Once I became a mom and then turned 30, my metabolism no longer is like a teenagers. I have to try and watch what I eat. This is a real struggle for me.

I usually allow myself to indulge. My mouth is delighted when I do this, my tummy had thoughts of it’s own. My pants get a little tighter. My muffin top gets a little more squishy.

I know this is a ridiculous complaint that is completely within my control. I really don’t have that much self-control though. My mom always had wonderful, healthy meals. That was so easy. It’s easy to eat healthy when someone makes it for you, then it’s a no-brainer. I like to cook….sometimes, and only when the mood strikes. And only if it isn’t too difficult or takes up too much time.

Laziness, that’s probably how you could classify my culinary efforts. I have access to healthy meals that are cheap, easy and quick. This doesn’t make much difference. Why eat avocados when you can have cake? What’s better than a slice of cake? The whole thing?! Why yes, I think I will partake in eating this entire cake in one sitting. Oh la la, instant gratification.

I feel the frosting expanding my waistline. Seriously, I feel the bloat and my pants are yelling at me to quit feeding my stomach junk. I love the junk. If only I could eat the way I would like and were given the ability to distribute my fat to places on my body I find could use some extra fat; like my butt. More on that topic on another day.

Today I am regretting the frosting. While eating those delectable spoonfuls of yumminess, I was in denial. In this moment, the frosting loses. If given the choice again, I’m almost positive the frosting will win… I feel it should. Life is short, eat more frosting!!

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