Chained up like a Dog

I normally don’t enjoy doing every day chores. I hate laundry, the never-ending task. Right now, I would pay to be able to do those mundane chores like a normal person. Instead I’m stuck from about a 4 foot leash to wherever I can hang my Foley bag.

This makes me feel extremely sad for animals that get tied up on short leashes. Super depressing. That should be illegal. Putting catheter’s in people should also be illegal. You would think with all the advances in technology and medications there would be a more comfortable alternative to a catheter. If I ever have to have one of these again, I’m going to strongly consider getting a new bladder. I mean, I’ve already thought about it.

My bladder is so inconsiderate. I feel like I have to pee constantly, and I’m getting no relief. I don’t know how people can stand long-term catheterization. I’m pretty pissed with my Dr. He said this has never happened to him in 30 years. Why me? Why did this happen to me? I don’t know what the long-term risks are. He said that any chance of complications are extremely small. However, he told me having my bladder tear was almost impossible. I’m not wanting to trust his medical expertise at this moment.

I know things could have been worse. I’m grateful they weren’t. I feel like a waste of space this week. I couldn’t go to work. My mom and husband have had to clean the house and help with my daughter. It’s a struggle to even shower and get dressed. I shower ever day, but I definitely don’t feel that I resemble a human. I am tired, sore, grouchy and miserable. I want to pee like a normal person. I want to try on my new jeans I just got. I don’t even know if they fit yet.

I want to go for a walk, or even to the kitchen without feeling like a watermelon is just waiting to fall out of my bladder. I also have this weird swelling right above my c-section scar. The Dr. didn’t really explain the reasoning for this. Or I was all doped up and couldn’t tell you if he did explain this to me. I do remember that he didn’t guarantee that it would go away. I also have an angry red, bumpy rash all over my stomach and hips. Watch out world, I am ready for swimsuit season! Woo hoo!!!!

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