The Cath is GONE!!!

After a pretty confusing day, the catheter was removed. The removal was not as painful as I was expecting. Despite, desperately wanting to set the stupid thing on fire, I refrained. Something about burning plastic and rubber being bad for the environment, yadda, yadda, yadda (heavy sigh and eye roll).

I had an X-ray where they filled my cath with dye to see how my bladder is healing. More liquid being forced in an injured bladder is quite unpleasant. I think I would rather have my leg cut off than ever go through anything like that again. Anyway, the radiologist and x-ray technician were lovely. They explained everything to me, let me cry, gave me encouragement; all the things you’d hope when you are going through a traumatic medical ordeal.

After the x-rays were done, the radiologist said that my urologist would determine if my catheter could be removed. Then he told me based on his findings, he believed that I would need to have it in for several more weeks. Cue the dramatic sobbing and cussing. Based on what he found, there was still a tear in my bladder? I’m confused, because I thought during my procedure a tear was caused which is what I had surgery for? I’m lost. He also found reflux in my ureters. He told me this could be why I have so many UTI’s or the constant feelings of urinary infections. Okay, some answers here.

I grumbled my way into my urologist’s office. I asked him if I could have a copy of the radiology report. On the front page it reported I had a bladder rupture. All of this is so confusing. Which is it? A tear or a rupture? At this point does it really matter? Regardless, there is still a tear. The radiologist is concerned. The urologist isn’t. Who’s opinion do I listen to the most?

If it involves my catheter being removed, clearly the urologist wins. Basically anyone willing to take it out is my new best friend for life! I’m a little nervous, because the radiologist was worried that if it was removed too quickly I might end up needing another surgery if the tear doesn’t heal correctly. I’m definitely getting a second opinion.

The urologist told me that I will still be uncomfortable for several weeks and will need to vacate my bladder immediately when I feel the urge. He was insistent that I don’t try to hold anything in my bladder for any amount of time to prevent further damage. He is also confident that I will heal with no problems. He also didn’t think that I would end up needing surgery from a cystoscopy, but he’s bound to be right about something.

After a week of catheterization peeing in a toilet was heavenly! It sounds so ridiculous, but it has been amazing. Frequent, but lovely. I get horrible cramping at the beginning, then satisfaction. Next, I get some burning and the feeling that my bladder isn’t completely empty. But it’s progress! We are getting there! I am a normal person again.

In other news, my tiny human has been so snuggly because I have been practically bedridden for a week. She just wants to cuddle with me and give me kisses. Toddler smooches are the best medication. I’m so grateful that my mom lives close enough that she can take care of my daughter, my house and me. My husband can take time off work to take care of me as well. Other than the obvious pain of surgery; I’m so fortunate to have a loving mother, daughter and husband to make my recovery bearable. It makes the crappy moments worth fighting through. I might disagree and beg them to kill me, but I’m glad they never agree.

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  1. Reminds me of my gallbladder from hell. Love your sense of humor.
    Thanks so much for following my blog, all the best. Deb