Toddler Troubles Trump Mama Struggles

The past several weeks have been quite eventful for our little family. With my unexpected surgery and our basement flooding, we were kind of hoping things would start to calm down. Things didn’t turn out quite that way.

I ended up in the ER on Sunday for a UTI from the catheter. Yay, that’s totally what I needed. Nothing like peeing 70 times in a day with no relief to make you feel just great… I got antibiotics so that was good. We also got some of the extra stuff we’ve had in the basement sent off to be donated. De-cluttering was greatly needed. I got to sit and tell my husband what stayed and what could be donated, he did the heavy lifting.

The basement still smells like cat pee, which is also terrific. My husband bought our house 7 or 8 years ago and it was a foreclosure. Apparently, the previous owners had cats in the basement that peed everywhere and painted over the cement. Basement flooding = the covered scent’s release to our basement and air vents. For a few days our entire house smelled like cat pee. I love all our cats, but cat pee is quite possibly the worst smell in the world!

Anyway, we put our daughter to bed around 7 and it wasn’t a struggle. We thought this was good that we could finally relax. About 10 minutes later my daughter is crying. I thought she wanted another goodbye hug, she’s been very clingy lately. I go to her room and she is covered head to toe in vomit.

Yay! This is just what I wanted to deal with. I stripped her down, stripped the bed and plopped her in the bath. Not the last bath of the night. Poor girl caught some bug and was throwing up all night long. I don’t know how other moms handle vomit, but there were chunks in her hair. A lot of them. I put on gloves to scrub her down trying to keep my stomach calm.

She ended up puking on 2 sets of her sheets, 4 towels, 4 blankets, 3 pairs of PJ’s, several stuffed animals, and into my hands on at least 4 occasions. This was not a fun night.

What I realized was even though I am still healing and sick my brain seemed to tune that out while I was trying to take care of her. Mom mode took over and I did what had to be done, as I’m sure most moms do. While still unpleasant, my job and privilege is try to ease the suffering of my child. This is the first time she has thrown up all night. I’m grateful that even with my struggles I am able to care for my daughter and that I have such an amazing husband who is willing to help out and sleep with our daughter on the floor.

I attempted to return to work this week, 11 days after the bladder rupture. Too soon. Just too soon. So I get to tend to this tiny tot who now has a running nose and is pretty whiny. I am still recovering. I feel significantly better, could be due to my mother forcing healthy food down my throat. I will try to return to work next week. All these issues will soon be forgotten and I’ll forget how hard it all can be sometimes….until the next time disaster strikes.

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