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My little lady only watches 3 shows. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Poppy Cat and Bernstein Bears. I know many parents have their own views and guidelines for what they allow their children to watch, limits on screen time, etc. In the mornings my husband and I absolutely lazy parent it. For us, this means that once our daughter wakes up, we bring her into our bedroom, plop her on our bed and turn on one of the 3 previous mentioned shows while we catch as much additional sleep we can.

An issue with doing this, is I have dreams about these shows. While I don’t mind the Bernstein Bears, the other 2 annoy me. Yet, my girl loves them. Really she is obsessed with them. In the mornings, she will cry for my husband and I……and Mickey. “Moooo-oooommmmyyyy……….dddaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaadddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyy…..Miiiickkkeeeeyyyyyyy.” A monster has been created. She will even steal our phones and pretend she is talking to Mickey. I’m just not a huge fan. Also, the hot dog dance, they do at the end of Every. Single. Episode. reminds my husband of my dancing skills apparently. He thinks Goofy’s dancing was modeled after how I allegedly dance. I disagree of course.

Here’s what I like and dislike about each of these shows:

Bernstein Bears:

I grew up reading all the Bernstein Bear books. I loved them! I thought they always had a great lesson without being annoying or preachy. I have purchased several of these books for my daughter and we frequently read them. I love the show. It reminds me of my childhood. It teaches great lessons to kids, probably without them realizing they are actually learning something.

There isn’t really anything I dislike about this show, and I try to get my girl to watch this when she suggests the other 2. Is that terrible? I don’t really feel guilty. I wish they had an episode for each book. I think the only dislike I have is that I have to DVR the episodes because they don’t play until 10pm on Sprout. They also aren’t on Netflix, which I think is inconvenient for me.

Poppy Cat:

The likes on this show are limited. Probably the only thing I like about this show is the main character is a cat. I love cats. It’s not the cutest cat in the land, but it is a cat nonetheless. Any show that has a cat for the star will be tolerated in my household.

The dislikes are this show is too short. Each episode is only 11 or 12 minutes long. This is a problem for when we “lazy parent” it and have to continually start a new episode to keep her content while we try to sleep. Egbert, the badger, is so obnoxious. Why would you have a show were there is a clearly disliked and annoying character? Are we teaching tolerance? The other characters seem to always be annoyed with him. I don’t understand his purpose. Seriously, if you’ve seen the show, you know what I’m talking about. He is nasally and a know-it-all. But, M loves it. Frequently asking for Poppy and staring at the screen. It’s not teaching her anything negative so we will continue to watch….

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse:

I hate this show. I mean, I want to put a fork in my eye every time M asks to watch it. The songs get stuck in your head. What irritates me so much is that Mickey has Pluto as a pet, yet they are the same size. A mouse and a dog are the same size?! No! This isn’t accurate. Minnie has a small pet cat. What? This doesn’t make any sense. They have carnivals and parades where there aren’t any additional characters joining. What kind of town do they live in? Why are they putting on shows for like the 6 main characters if they are all participating? Mickey is pretty narcissistic. Toodles is creepy. Is Pete a good guy or bad guy? I can’t figure this out!!!

What I do like about this show is that M is entertained by it and gets a silly little smirk each time she watches it. It also teaches lessons and educates little ones. While annoying, the songs are repetitive which I’ve heard that repetition is beneficial to small children’s learning. When we go to Disney World at some point, M will know the characters and hopefully be excited to see them.

Regardless of my feelings for these kids shows, I need to support what my daughter is interested in. You know you’re a parent when your DVR has 28 episodes of Bernstein Bears saved and 31 episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Her needs are more important than mine. TV is not necessarily a need, but it definitely helps us out sometimes when we need a toddler break. My husband also reminds me that this is fiction and I should get over my weird hatred for Mickey. He argues that Bears living in a treehouse and wearing clothes isn’t realistic either. Yeah, but the bears don’t annoy me.

Here’s a picture of M being her cute tiny self:

On the Porch Swing

On the Porch Swing

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