Gettin’ Our Hair Did

My hairstylist has a salon that is about 5 minutes from my house. She also has 2 kids. Her youngest is 1 month younger than M, and he is responsible for my daughters first kiss. Neither are 2 yet! Anyway, Alaina (our stylist) understands kids and openly welcomes us!

In fact, she told me she would be sad if I didn’t bring her. M tears through the salon digging through the different stations. She takes gloves, combs, shower caps, brushes, anything she can find really and plays beauty shop. Lucky for us she is so cute that she gets away with it all, and gets complimented while being naughty.

I get my hair colored every 6-7 weeks. I didn’t start coloring my hair until I was around 28. I’ve always like the color of my hair and never dyed it as I didn’t ever felt like I needed to. Then 28 hit and the grays started to come in. Then I had my daughter and I swear my hair aged 40 years. Thanks a lot M, now I could probably pass for 60.

Keeping my roots touched up are essential for my self-esteem. Maybe not really my self-esteem but for me to feel my age. It’s fun to get pampered, it’s just an expense I never thought to put into my budget. She is very reasonable and haircuts for kids are the same price for their age. My daughter isn’t 2 yet, so her haircut is $1. My friend’s children are 7 and 8, so their haircuts are $7 and $8 a piece. Pretty fantastic if you ask me.

My daughter wanted to copy mommy today. I got my roots colored and had a shower cap placed on my head and was put underneath the heater. M dug through various cabinets and pulled out a shower cap, put it on her head and sat down in the chair next to me. This is a cute kid:

She also wanted Alaina’s comb and gloves. These are essential. She was so good, as she usually is there. Except she did run out the front door into the parking lot…twice. The other stylists were able to grab her. I think most of the stylists have children so they understand. As a mother, you don’t want to have the naughty, poor mannered child.

Just wanted to post picture of my girl really, because I thought she was so cute copying everything I did today. She can be challenging and naughty, but I wouldn’t trade her for the world. I love my little girl and feel so lucky that I get to be her mommy.

Hair styling is very serious business! If you live in the Denver area check out Alaina Niblett. Her prices are great. My best friend introduced me to her and a lot of the women in our neighborhood go to her.

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