Feline Friday #1

She doesn't like being held

She doesn’t like being held

I love cats. Obviously, since I have 4. I think each of my cats deserve to be featured and I’ll feature cats that I think need a home. I like to think about what my cats might do if they were humans. I think my cats would like a job. Maddie was our first kitty.

The other cats were all rescues. We got Maddie at a pet store. I don’t usually support pet stores because I think there care is poor. However, Maddie was just 8 weeks old (allegedly) and I couldn’t stand to leave her all alone. Someone had just bought her brother. She looked so scared that I had to have her.

She is also our only declawed kitty. I know, I know, it’s mutilation. None of our other cats are declawed. They are the ones that destroy our furniture. Maddie is also probably the only one that could benefit from having claws since she is our only adventurous kitty. She loves to go outside whenever we let her. All our cats are indoor cats. Maddie I think would love to be an outdoor kitty. She loves to sit on our shoulders and backs and pretend to be a parrot. She is very independent, but loves to cuddle (on her terms). Here’s a profile I did on our sweet Maddie girl.

Maddie: Aka Princess

Born: Jan. 2011

Adopted: March 2011

Age: 4

Color: Majestic Black

Education: Bachelor’s in Hunting and Jumping

Profession if a Human: Top rated rock climber or an outdoor enthusiast with a passion for hunting.


* running out the door

* chasing birds, insects, dust (things only I can see with my purrfect vision)

* long naps on the corner of the bed

* short petting sessions


* being left inside

* shrill noises

* the use of speaker phone

* my mom’s singing

* baby crying

BIO: I love running outside, especially when I can be sneaky. When the dog goes out for a potty break, I make a mad dash to the door and usually get through undetected. When people bend over I enjoy jumping onto their backs. I like being perched in high places, because I am a princess. I chirp at birds. It’s pretty much my songs to the humans to let them know I am happy and about to pounce.

Pretty Princess

Pretty Princess

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