Treat Tuesday – Cottage Cheese Roast

Cottage Cheese Roast

I was raised in a smaller, fairly conservative religion. Cottage Cheese Roast (aka Special K roast/loaf) is a staple in Seventh Day Adventist world. Pretty much everyone I knew growing up has eaten this and knows what it is. I guess it could be comparable to meatloaf, maybe?

I was raised vegetarian and still am one. I have no idea how to cook meat or what meat texture is like so my comparison to meatloaf is a guess. This is my favorite meal. I love it with mashed potatoes, corn and brusselsprouts. There are many variations to this roast, I believe mine is the very best. I like mine to be a bit darker. I will list the way my mother makes it, and the variations I make for myself. Even if you eat meat, give it a shot. One of my dear friends loves meat and is obsessed with this recipe.

One of the items needed for this recipe is hard to find. You can get it at Adventist Book Centers (sounds weird to get a food item at a book store, I know I know) or you can get it on amazon. I will post the link later in the this post. Find a variation you like and serve with whatever you feel like. Like I said, I love it with mashed potatoes. Instead of a pan, I cook mine in a muffin tin and brownie pan to make individual servings. I eat what I’d like and then freeze the rest. They actually freeze pretty well and then I can have some ready for a quick-lunch or dinner when I’m short on time, or feeling lazy.

 This is a quick dish to put together.

I use between 3-4 eggs, because I think 5 eggs make it too eggy. I use just under 1 container of cottage cheese. I am liberal with my 5 cups of Special K. I use 4 packages of GW broth. I am also liberal with my cup of ground nuts (I use pecans) and grind them up finely in the cuisenart. I am not a huge fan of cooked onions, IF I use an onion, I use maybe a third of one and mince it up in very teeny tiny pieces. My mom has to lie to me when she makes it to tell me there are less onions. She whizzes hers up in the cuisenart as well. I am extremely picky. It does give it a nice flavor, but I rarely put them in if I’m making it. If you like onions go ahead, if you don’t I still think it’s flavorful and perfect.

There is another seasoning broth, it can be used as well. I prefer the dark one as I like the color it makes the loaf. My mom uses 3. I love it so I use 4. Really this recipe can be changed to your likes. I’ve seen some recipes where they use onion soup mix. I have never tried it that way and don’t care to. The kitchen bouquet is in the seasoning section of the grocery store. You can buy the GW (George Washington broth) here.

Basically, whichever ingredients you use just toss them into a bowl and mix together. The one main thing I do differently is take the embryos, or as I like to call them egg boogers off the yolk before I add eggs to anything I’m cooking. I think once you notice it, you too will take off the egg boogers. I know that’s a gross name, but so are the embryos. I saw my mom do it once when I was younger and now can’t do anything with eggs without removing them.

See the white stuff on the yolk, that's what we remove

See the white stuff on the yolk, that’s what we remove

I grab 2 spoons and trap this portion of the egg and toss it, then add the eggs to my recipes

I grab 2 spoons and trap this portion of the egg and toss it, then add the eggs to my recipes

Once the eggs are ready I actually mix everything into a bowl.


all mixed together

all mixed together

Once it’s all mixed together it is ready to be placed in the pans to be baked. I always think the mix smells heavenly, but don’t eat it now. Not only are there raw eggs, it just isn’t good. Like the smell of vanilla extract, great smell, tastes awful. This bad boy needs to be cooked before being delicious.

Here are the pictures once they are in the pan and when it’s fresh out of the oven.


Finished roast. I let mine get just a tad crispy around the edges.

Finished roast. I let mine get just a tad crispy around the edges.

My mom’s recipe is listed above. Here’s how I make mine:

– 3-4 eggs beaten (gross thing on the yolk removed)

– Just under 1 large container cottage cheese (I use small curd and 4%)

– 1 stick butter, melted

– 5 liberal cups of Special K cereal

– 4 packages GW Broth (link here)

– 1 liberal cup ground pecans

– 2 tablespoons Kitchen Bouquet

Mix together, place in greased pan or muffin tins. Oven at 350, in full pan bake for 45 minutes to 1 hour. In muffin tin, 35 – 45 minutes. Let sit about 10 minutes after it’s taken out of the oven. Then enjoy!

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