Feline Friday #2

Toggle is the 2nd pet we got. I was going through a very difficult point in my life and felt lonely. I was hanging out with some of my friends who were looking at the local humane society’s page to find a dog for themselves. I asked if we could look at the cats. There was an adorable tabby kitten. I can’t even remember his name now, but I decided I wanted that kitty.

My husband, who was my boyfriend at the time, didn’t want another cat. We already had a cat, and in his mind 1 was enough. When it comes to cats, you can never just have 1. He threw a fit saying he didn’t want a kitty. Then he hands me $100 to go adopt a kitten. He tells people all the time that he didn’t want another cat, but he willingly gave me the money and now loves him! Of course I’m going to go with whichever response gets me what I want.

The cat I originally went to adopt was with another family when I got there. Then Toggle looked into my eyes and soul and he telepathically told me that we belonged together. Of course I knew right away that it was meant to be. He came home with me within the hour. He is a very tolerant kitty. He lets me put him in M’s baby clothes and shoes. He lets her pet him. He lets us hold him. He doesn’t always do it with a smile, but he does it. He is my kitty cat soul mate. He’s the kitty I have been searching my whole life for. He also sits like a weirdo and loves to show his parts to everyone.

Toggle: aka Senor, Butters, Kitty Cat Meow Meow

Born: May 2011

Adopted: July 2011

Age: 4

Color: Tabby, regal stripes, and a fuzzy head and big fat paws

Education: Doctorate in Animal Studies

Profession if a Human: Male Model, Philosopher

Psychiatric Disorder: Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Ideas of Grandeur, Agoraphobia.


* Chasing the other cats

* Getting vigorous pets, while looking at myself in the mirror

* Yelling at bobby pins

* Playing with bobby pins/safety pins and twisty ties

* Taco bell lettuce

* My mom


* Real meat (besides my dry cat food)

* Strangers

* Any situation that looks like it could be dangerous

* Forced kitty cuddle time (more on that later, ugh!)

* Rubs from the baby

* Mom dressing me in the baby’s clothes (even though I look fabulous!!)

BIO: I love to chase around bobby pins, probably my favorite activity. I can chase them for hours. I will bring them on the bed and yell so my parents will know what a great hunter I am. Then I will knock the bobby pin off the bed with my fat cat paws. I will yell so my parents will now be aware that the prey has gotten away! Oh wait, not so quick. Once I’ve sprang off the bed, I am quick to retrieve my prize. Once I get tired of that, I make sure to put the pins inside my food dish. I’m so clever, this way I won’t ever forget where my favorite things are. However, I will never ever play with the bobby pins once they have entered the food dish, in case the other kitties contaminate them with their germs. This also lets them know what a great hunter I am, lest anyone forgets.

He loves to sit like this, he's such a weirdo. Handsome, but a weirdo!

He loves to sit like this, he’s such a weirdo. Handsome, but a weirdo!

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