Feline Friday #4

We got Spooky the same day as Marvin, being siblings and all. When we first got her she was quite adventurous. She jumped off our bed, base jump style. She would try to climb out of her box. She was the first of the twins to explore. She was teeny tiny when we first got her and she had some trouble putting on weight in the beginning. This is so funny to us now, since she’s a dense kitty. The vet even calls her a potato.

Spooks doesn't like direct eye contact, very stressful for her

Spooks doesn’t like direct eye contact, very stressful for her

She has this tiny head, dainty limbs and just a plump body and no neck. She is a good kitty. Her purr is broken and she has butt problems. When she gets scared she leaves us little presents. I didn’t know cats could have anal gland issues. At some point we may get those removed. She had them cleaned at her last vet visit, and the Vet said it was “potent.” Poor kitty. She is very sweet though and loves to give love. She also forces love, by grabbing onto our hands and forces us to pet her. We love our little potato.

Spooky: aka Spooks, Poops, Pooky, Nation Wide

Born: April 2012

Adopted: April 2012 (bottle fed since 3 days old)

Age: 3

Color: Marble grey with red and white markings

Education: PhD in Women’s Studies

Profession if a Human: Professor of on-line college courses so I don’t have to leave my house, or wear pants

Psychiatric Disorders: Paranoid Personality Disorder and Dependent Personality Disorder


*Cuddling with my twin brother, Marvin

* Forced love

* Putting my butt in my parents faces

* Meals

* Standing in the shower after it’s been used

* Assisting the humans with bathroom duties


* Strangers

* The outside world or the basement

* Doors being open

* The garage door

* My own shadow if I’m unprepared to see it

* Toggle (he bullies me, so rude)

BIO: I was rescued when I was 3 days old with my brother. I opened my eyes before my brother because I am the far superior kitty. When humans give me direct eye contact, I go to them to get loved on because I know this is what they are requesting of me. I loved getting cleaned by my brother or any other cat. The humans do as I ask, because I act helpless so they will do more tasks for me. Toggle and I are having a secret affair, this is why he bullies me. He doesn’t want the other cats to feel jealous so we are keeping it on the DL.

2 responses to “Feline Friday #4

  1. These are hilarious! I love all the likes and dislikes. You need more cats for more Feline Fridays