Treat Tuesday – Easy Deviled Eggs

Easy Deviled Eggs


As it is for the majority of the food I make, I like simple. If it isn’t simple, I probably won’t do it. Unless it’s a special occasion. A very special occasion. Sometimes I believe that the most simple things can be the most wonderful and delicious.

I would much rather spend my spare time with my family and friends rather than sweating away by myself. Cooking alone isn’t all the fun and it’s kind of lonely. Quick makes me happy. Quick is do-able. All you need for these deviled eggs are eggs, mayo, and paprika. Seriously, just 3 ingredients.

I have had a lot of eggs in my day and I think when it comes to deviled eggs, less is more. Start by boiling your eggs. Use however many you feel you need. For 4th of July there were 17 people there and I boiled 25 eggs. I knew that a couple probably wouldn’t make it to the table.

Once the eggs are boiled (once my pot comes to a boil I let the eggs sit on a low boil for 20 minutes). I immediately drain the boiling water and fill my pot with cold water. I place a large cup full of ice into the pot and shake the eggs around. I let them fully cool, replacing the cold water and ice until they are cool to the touch. Then I peel all the eggs. The combination of cool water and ice helps the eggs peel more easily.


Once I have all the eggs peeled, I take out the yolks and place them in a large mixing bowl. I use a fork to mash the yolks. To have them look like this:


Then I add in several spoonfuls of mayo. The amount will depend on how many eggs you make and the desired texture you prefer. Then sprinkle in some paprika. Don’t you love my measuring? It’s not precise, I just eye-ball it until it looks and tastes how I want it to.


Next, either take a couple of spoons and plop the yolk mixture into the eggs or what I did was put it in a ziploc bag and cut the tip off, much like a pastry bag and filled the eggs up this way. I thought it would make it a bit more fancy.


Sprinkle the tops with paprika to make them pretty. You can place on an egg serving dish if you have one, otherwise any ‘ol plate will do. Serve and enjoy! In case you don’t think that only 3 ingredients can be so yummy, I always get a lot of compliments. Make more than you think you’ll need because these always seem to go very quickly!

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