My Kid is Gross and Exhausting!

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about my 5 biggest struggles with my toddler. A big one was that she doesn’t like to wear any clothes and isn’t potty trained yet. This results in frequent accidents…..that I get to clean. Gross!

Well when I last wrote about it, I said there was a mystery poop in her bedroom that I couldn’t find. It was found. The next day. When my daughter proudly presented it to me. In her hands. From her toy box… I don’t have the words.

Today, there have already been 2 incidents where she has had a poop filled diaper. I couldn’t get to her to change it in time. She ran away from me, ripping it off. The contents of the diaper fell on the floor. She tried to hand it to me, which would be helpful if her hands weren’t on the inside of the diaper. This type of occurence seems to be becoming more frequent.

Then this happened:

What are these stupid rocks?

What are these stupid rocks? Why do I have these? Why does my girl want to play with it? I mean, every time I think we have FINALLY gotten the house safe and toddler proofed, she discovers something else that isn’t kid-friendly. I keep finding this unnecessary crap all over the house that I want to throw away. Why did I feel I needed this stuff at one point? These tiny rocks were in a glass bowl that held a candle. It was pretty. Definitely not practical. Sitting on the dining room table for no reason at all.

I’ve realized that once I figure this parenting thing out and feel like we are in a good groove, my little girl shows me that I was completely wrong. This makes me appreciate my mother so much more. I only have 1 little monster. My sister and I are 16 months a part. My mom kept the house sparkling clean at all times, always had homemade dinners, my sister and I were clean and well-behaved (except when I threw my history making temper tantrums) and she worked part-time as a Therapist with her own practice. Whew! Just writing that exhausted me.

To all the mothers out there keeping their kids clean, happy, fed and feeling loved; you are all amazing. Being a mom isn’t easy. It’s not always fun and rewarding. Believe me, picking up mess after mess and poop off the floor did not make me feel rewarded. I love her with all my heart and soul, but today she was gross. Just so gross. Potty training time better be right around the corner!

This is the face of a naughty little girl, who is quite pleased with herself

This is the face of a naughty little girl, who is quite pleased with herself

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  1. LMAO. Yep. Gotta love them. I wrote about a traumatic experience with poop when my son was 3. Check it out here: