Treat Tuesday – Mom’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

Mom’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

Once again I will talk about how fabulous my mother is. Like, the best mom in the world. Not even remotely joking. She has all kinds of recipes in her head that she doesn’t need to look up. When I make things, even if I’ve made it a hundred times, I still need to double-check with my mom to make sure I’m doing it right. How am I grown-up?

My mom no longer eats chocolate, so sad I know. Even though she doesn’t eat it anymore she still makes us yummy treats. I went up to her house to visit yesterday and she helped me make her cookies. I’m sure this is the same or similar to numerous chocolate chip cookie recipes, but of course I will rave that my mom’s recipe is the best.

While we were making the cookies, I snuck some cookie dough. Even though I am an adult with a child of my own, my mother still tries to parent my sister and myself. If she would have seen me eating the dough I know I would have been scolded. The dough was delicious. My mom thinks I am going to get E-coli. Jokes on you mom, I already got E-coli in my lady bits when I was pregnant! I have never gotten E-coli from raw cookie dough to date! (Oops, correction Salmonella. I meant Salmonella. I realized this when my mom sent me an e-mail to correct me. Thanks mom…).

On that appetizing note here’s what you will need for the cookies:

* 2 Eggs

* 1 Stick unsalted butter

* 1 teaspoon baking soda

* 1 teaspoon salt

* 2 cups flour

* 1/2 cup brown sugar

* 1/2 cup sugar

* 1 teaspoon vanilla

* 1 12oz. bag chocolate chips

My mom usually doubles this recipe. Making it as is, I got 20 cookies. If you have a kitchen aid mixer, it’s a breeze to make these cookies. A hand mixer should work as well. First, you will cream the butter, vanilla and eggs in the mixer.

Then add the brown sugar and sugar to the mixer and continue to cream them into the butter mixture.

Add the flour, salt and baking soda.

Finally, mix in the chocolate chips.

Then place the dough on the baking sheets. If you’d like to sneak a taste while placing them on the cookie sheets, go ahead and do that.

Bake at 350 degrees for 8 to 10 minutes. You’ll want them to be soft, but not doughy. Let them cool and set for a few minutes, then enjoy!

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