How I try to keep my Sanity when my Toddler REFUSES to Sleep

I constantly have to remind myself that I have always wanted to be a mother. These refusing to sleep moments I can easily forget. That’s why I posted the above photo, because she is so cute. Reminder to self; I love being a mother, I love being a mother, I love being a mother….

She will not always fight bedtime, right? She will want to sleep some day? Please, someone tell me she will love sleep in the very near future. After a very eventful day of celebrating her 2nd birthday, I thought bedtime would be quite easy.

I’m not that lucky. Apparently, I can’t be right when it comes to my tiny human. I’ve read to her; sang to her; said our Amens (our prayers); kissed her milk, stuffed animals and her tootsie feets. Nothing satisfies her.

She was asleep 3 times already. THREE! I went to leave and she popped up instantly screaming. I had to be in her bed with her. I do not comfortably fit in a toddler bed. She is crying as I write this. No idea what it is about this time.

I’m using her cries as a white noise machine. Yes, absolutely the same. So soothing.. Yeah. How I survive these moments, is by writing. Ignoring her cries the best I can, so hard. (She is crying for a “mommy huggy” right now, oh my heart). Eat lots of chocolate. Call my mom. Pet my cats. And then eventually cave and rock her to sleep. Thus, prolonging our nightly bedtime struggles.

Don’t judge me. You would totally cave too if you heard these cries. These sweet desperate pleas to have a “huggy.” And now she is making herself throw up. Oh yes, the joys of motherhood. I love being a mother, I love being a mother, I love being a mother…..

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