Baby is 2! Birthday Party Extravaganza

My daughter recently turned 2. Oh my! It was like once she hit the 2 mark, she really wants to get the full year experience of the terrible 2’s, I’m assuming. Please help us all. I need to keep my sanity. Anyway, I wanted to have a birthday party, but I didn’t want to go overboard. Yeah…..I ended up doing exactly that. I felt pressure to have the most amazing day.

This gal is 2!

So silly. She won’t even remember this birthday. Oh but I will. We are fortunate (and sometimes cursed) to have both sets of our families living relatively close to us. While this is usually great, it is also overwhelming for me when I’m entertaining. I’m pretty introverted, parties stress me out. I also think with all the beautiful birthday party ideas on Pinterest there is this pressure that I think many moms feel we need to compete with. Some of those moms out there are incredible and seem to get so much done and look fabulous while doing so. This is not the type of mom I am.

* Tutus are adorable, fun party favors, balloon inspired decorations and inflatable slides. Thank you Zulily!

* Spread includes: Caprese bites, egg salad sandwiches, southwestern quinoa, veggie tray, fruit cups, cheese, mini cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries, and mini bundt cakes. Delish!

We bought an inflatable slide for our darling girl. Took up most of our backyard, but was a hit. I wanted to do some light snacky food items, which turned into quite the spread. Some of the dishes are obvious. For the ones that aren’t I will post the recipes in a follow-up post. I think we did a pretty good job. We all survived. She had a blast! The house didn’t burn down. Nothing got broken. Maybe next year I will take it easy. Wishful thinking as I know I always compete with myself. Oh dear.

2 responses to “Baby is 2! Birthday Party Extravaganza

  1. Beautiful party. My son had a puppy themed 2nd birthday party.