Treat Tuesday – Cheesy Broccoli & Potato Bake

As you may be able to tell by my previous posts; I like easy dishes. I like to have 1 dish meals even more. I try to put vegetables in almost everything I make so that my daughter and husband will get their servings of veggies. Sometimes, I have to sneak them into my dishes. This isn’t one that I have to sneak.

You’ll need:

* 1 package Frozen cubed Potatoes, thawed

* 1 Can Cream of Mushroom Soup

* 1/2 Container Sour Cream

* Broccoli

* Colby Jack Cheese

* Salsa (optional)

* Salt & Pepper to taste

In a mixing bowl combine the potatoes, soup, sour cream and cheese. You will want to cook the broccoli before you bake it as they take longer to cook.

Once the Broccoli is mostly cooked (can be fully cooked) combine it with the potato mixture. Mix together until the potatoes are coated with the soup, sour cream and cheese. Place it in a greased baking dish. Then you will sprinkle more cheese on top. You can never have too much cheese.

Place the dish in a 350 degree oven. Bake for 30 – 45 minutes. Until the cheese is melted and the potatoes are soft.

Serve with a side of salsa, or just put it on top. Can be eaten by itself though. Enjoy! My toddler picked out the Broccoli and ate them first! Cheese is a miracle.

4 responses to “Treat Tuesday – Cheesy Broccoli & Potato Bake

  1. This looks delicious! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks! If you try it I hope you enjoy. I am vegetarian and post quick recipes every Tuesday. Some are healthy, some aren’t. I try ti make things that both my husband and toddler will eat. That is quite the task! Also, I loved your responsed to the post I tagged you in, however, apparently some blogs hate me and I couldn’t find a way to comment on your posts.

  2. Looks yummy! Can’t wait to try this and I appreciate the simplicity in the meals you share on this awesome blog!!!!!!!