Treat Tuesday – Quick & Easy Pizza Bagels

Okay, I know this isn’t very inventive and anyone can put this together. That’s why it’s here. It’s so easy, and can be made in under 10 minutes. This is one of our go-to meals when we are feeling lazy but don’t want to spend the money at a restaurant.

What you’ll need:

* Plain bagels, halved (you can use English muffins as well)

* Choice of pasta sauce (I use Prego’s original or tomato and basil)

* mozzarella cheese (I used a mixture of cheeses)

* Italian seasoning

Get your oven warmed up, by placing the setting to broil on high.

What makes mine so yummy, is that I toast the bagel (or English muffin) before I add the sauce so it has a great texture. After the bagels have been toasted I place them on a cookie sheet. Next, I add the sauce, covering the bagels. I sprinkle on some Italian seasoning. Then I cover with cheese. I add A LOT.

Put the cookie sheet in the oven for 3-5 minutes.They will be done when the cheese gets bubbly and melted.

To make it a more well-rounded meal, I add a salad and a side of veggies. Enjoy! Once again a dish that has been toddler tested, husband approved!

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