Toddlers get into EVERYTHING

This picture sums up my life lately.


People who have more than one child are super humans. This very busy little girl keeps me on my toes. She exhausts me. I love being her mommy. But her spunk and lack of wanting to rest (EVER) baffle me on how people can handle more than one kid! Seriously, how do you do that?

Chasing after her all day long takes a lot out of me. I love when my husband gets home from work where I tag him in. Mama needs a break. I sometimes feel guilty only working 2 days a week. I sometimes don’t feel like I’m adequately providing for my family. Then there are the days (most of them) where it is a blessing from the heavens that my little girl is still alive. Being responsible for a tiny human is A LOT of work. A LOT. You all know.

Some days I am completely overwhelmed and want to just be 18 again. Then I look into this little girls beautiful face and my heart melts.


My heart completely melts…then she gives me a mischievous look and I know we are in for another adventure. One that usually results with me cleaning up a mess. Or several.

6 responses to “Toddlers get into EVERYTHING

  1. Your girl is beautiful! I have to say, I am a little nervous for when my daughter reaches that age…she is at the age right now where I can carry her when I need and take things away from her without a fuss. I think I am in for an adventure as well. Your doing great mama!

  2. And then your world is made right. I know the feeling!

  3. Well said! I have two. One is almost 5 and the other about to turn 1. You can totally handle more than one. 🙂 Somehow, someway by the Grace of God he equips you with just what you need. And that meme at the top about silence is suspicious… never truer words spoken! Stopping by from Mom Bloggers Club.