Decorating for October/Halloween

As I’ve written about in my previous fall related posts, you have 3 months worth of fall transitioning you can decorate for. September can be decorated with colorful leaves, pumpkins and hay are all good choices. Scarecrows are pretty good for September.

For October you can leave the leaves and pumpkins. Now get can add black cats, witches, vampires, spiders, spooky things. I highly suggest owning a black cat (we have 2) because they will be a nice accent to your Halloween decor. I will warn you that you may not adopt black cats in the month of October because some people aren’t very kind to black kitties. Also, please be careful with your black outdoor cats during this month. Some people are superstitious. I just think black cats are very regal and oh so wonderful to have as animated Halloween decorations, hehe!

November is focused more on thankfulness. We will get to that once it’s time. For now I will just post a snippet of my Halloween decorations. As well as, my mother’s Halloween goodies. We have Woof N Poof stuffed witches, pillows, and cats. They also make great santa dolls for Christmas!

Michaels, Hobby Lobby and Target always have great decorations that won’t break the bank. The cute trick or treat sign was from the dollar section at Target, as well as the wire pumpkins that I placed on a place on my dining room table.

I don’t have all my Halloween stuff out this year. I have a cute Dracula and witch doll. I also have several breakables, which isn’t the best idea to have out with little grabby toddler fingers. I know she can’t resist picking up all the fun new stuff. Maybe when she can have better self-control I will deck my house out with every decoration I have. Or I might put it out this year after seeing how she does with what I currently have out!

(Photo Credit: The Berry)

If you aren’t into decorating your house. Go outside and enjoy the beauty nature provides. They make their own decorations. Also, try to do something fun to get you into the spirit of the holidays. Even if you aren’t a Halloween fan you can always enjoy a yummy cup of hot chocolate or apple cider. Taking a hike to see all the pretty sites is also a fun way to enjoy the crisp weather. Hope everyone has a very fun, safe and festive month of October!

(Photo Credit: Buzzfeed)

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