TBT – My Little Monkey

I should have started a blog when I was pregnant. So many stories. I won’t annoy anyone with those for right now. We are up for phone renewals so I’ve been saving all my photos from my phone. There are so many cute ones of my little monkey that just warm my heart.

They also make me sad. Seriously, how quickly is time going? When I was a kid everything seemed to take f o r e v e r!!! Now I blink and my kid is 2! Next thing I know she will be driving and heading off to college. Gross. I’m not ready for this at all.

Each time we renew our phones, I switch my all time favorite photos to the new one. I’m so excited for the new one to arrive, I hear it takes amazing photos! But it makes me think about how quickly time goes by. Being a mom I get so consumed with every day tasks. I’m trying to survive tantrums, work, house cleaning; and keeping my sanity. I often take for granted these special opportunities I have with my little girl of just letting her be litte. I need to let her make messes without stressing about having to have the house spotless. I need to let her act silly and scream, without trying to get her to quiet down. She’s learning. She’s having fun. The clean house can wait (of course it can, that’s the least of my concerns anyway).

(Me and baby! Sometimes we like to dress up as kitties! Who wouldn’t enjoy that? Also, we have lots of fun at pumpkin patches)

It’s funny, when I look back at all the photos, I know there was stress between each memory. I don’t remember it all that well. I know we struggled with sleep and naps; we still do. Seeing these pictures sleep is so not what I’m thinking about. I see a happy, vibrant, independent child who loves to explore. I see a family that is thriving. While photos tend to be the highlight reel of our lives, these are the times I want to remember. I don’t want to focus on the times when I’m so stressed that my kid won’t take a nap that I think I’m going to have a mental breakdown. Honestly, when she tests my patience; sometimes I want to run away. Just when I think I’m about to scream she will be so sweet, or pass out, or want “mommy huggy” that all the stress vanishes. God probably made toddlers so cute because he knew they were stressful. He knew that with a simple phrase, look or touch; adults would melt at these little gremlins.

Okay. I admit it. We make a pretty stellar baby. I made that myself! With just a bit of help from my husband. I cooked her though. That was quite a lot of effort. I think we will keep her. Best thing I’ve ever made, and I’m pretty crafty!

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5 responses to “TBT – My Little Monkey

  1. I love that quote, it really sums it all up. I’m totally with you on the photos too – they just bring back all the good bits. 🙂 #candidcuddles

  2. Haha too true! I am suprised there were’nt more photos I can never choose – it’s scary how slow a day can go and yet how fast they grow up – we are already looking at schools and i just want to stop him growing for a little while ..ahh its too fast. Great post #candidcuddles

  3. It is so true – when you look back,the struggles don’t seem so significant. When you are in those sleepless nights, it feels like it won’t ever end. Then all of a sudden, they are starting school. Lovely quote. Thanks so much for sharing with #candidcuddles, it’s lovely to have you linked up! Welcome! I hope to see you back tomorrow x

    • Thank you! I know her childhood is going to go by in a flash. Also, I appreciate the link ups and I want to do more, however, for some reason my comments to your blog never seem to go through. I’ll press submit and then my comment is completely gone. I’ve tried several times so I’m not sure what’s happening there.