Happy Halloween!

This is the first year we took our daughter trick or treating. She is a bit over 2 now and seems pretty excited to follow the bigger kids around. The past couple of years we have gone to pumpkin patches and that was the main thing we did to celebrate.

Our neighborhood had a trunk or treat last night. I had no idea what that was untill this year. Seems to be all the rage. It was freezing, but really fun. A nice little activity for families to do together. It’s also easier to make the rounds if your kiddos are young. So last night my daughter and I went as kitties. I’m obsessed with cats so this had to fit in somehow.

Today, the little gremlin had 2 costumes. The first being Minnie Mouse and the second being Cookie Monster. Towards the end of the day and in time for trick or treating she was pretty much over it all. She did well getting candy at several of the houses, but didn’t seem to fully understand that concept. She refused to say “trick or treat” we did get an occasional “thank you” out of her.

We went in a group with our next door neighbors and my best friend, who lives in my neighborhood. The bigger kiddos helped mine get some candy. Then she rolled around in several yards. Usually I give out Halloween gift bags. My mom used to do that when we were younger. I put erasers, pencils, stickers, bouncy balls and candy in a little bag and hand those out. I did that for 3 years. The past 3 years we have been averaging 120 kiddos. It just became too expensive. I made the special bags for close friends in the neighborhood, but then just passed out handfuls of candy. Thank you Costco for your ginormous bags of sweet, sugary goodness!

Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday. To me, this is just a fun, low-key day. We celebrate getting candy. That is a pretty excellent activity for me!

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