November: Let’s Get Thankful!

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While I would love to start getting out the Christmas decorations, Thanksgiving deserves some glory. Thanksgiving is my moms favorite holiday. It’s where you enjoy the company of your loved ones without the pressure of presents. You have a yummy meal and focus on all the blessings we have in our lives.

What I love about September – November is that most of the fall decorations carry on throughout all 3 months. Pumpkins work for the entire season. For September add some hay and scarecrows and you are ready to go. In October keep the pumpkins, then add in all kinds of fun Halloween decorations. It can be as mild or scary as you’d like. Then you’re all set. For the whole month.

For November you can keep up the pumpkins and fall leaves. You won’t even need to change your wreath, unless you had up a specific Halloween one. Keep the same color scheme of reds, yellows, oranges and browns. The rich colors will make your house feel welcoming. I don’t have as many Thanksgiving decorations as I do for Halloween or Christmas, but a little can go a long way. I put a Thanksgiving table runner on my dining room table, with my turkey dish. I place some decorative dried corn (aka Indian corn) around the turkey and have some candles in pumpkin candle holders. Then I place a couple of pilgrim decorations on my mantel and I’m good to go.

I have a wall vase that I put in dried flowers, pumpkins, leaves, and greenery changing with the seasons. I also swap out my summer pillows for ones that have more oranges and browns in them. Little changes to your every day decor can really make your house feel so festive while putting in minimal effort!

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