Thankful Thursday #1

I thought about focusing on what I’m thankful for this month. That’s what I love about November, people seem to be more reflective and thoughtful this time of year. Thanksgiving seems to be one of the least decorated holidays, but you can still make it festive. Use pumpkins, turkeys, pinecones, pilgrims and indians and you are all set.

The first thing I am thankful for is that I get to be a mostly stay-at-home mom. It seems like the past 2 years have already flown by. I love that we are fortunate enough that I can spent so much time with my little love. Even if she drives me crazy half the time. Seriously, have to get my roots touched up all the time because she had turned me grey!

I’m also thankful for free child care! Woohoo! Thanks mom! No, seriously; thank you! We’d be lost without you. I cannot even begin to tell you how much of a relief it is to know that my child is safe and with someone trustworthy when I am away. This is one of the greatest gifts I could ever be given.

I’m so grateful that my hubby lets me shop on Zulily and at Target…..a lot! Might be silly, but having a thoughtful, non-controlling husband is pretty great! I also appreciate how hard he works so we get to have such a comfortable life.

I’m thankful for pretty decorations that make a house feel like a home. The little things can really make a big difference. It could also be because my mom is so stylish and always had our house looking amazing while we were kids. So putting out themed decorations reminds me of my mom. As you all know, since I write about it frequently, I’m obsessed with my mother.

And in this moment, I’m thankful for naps. I’m thankful for a worn out toddler who is passed out next to me. Naps are infrequent in this house. I appreciate that she is asleep right now so mommy gets a much needed break! What are you all thankful for?

I’m planning on every Thursday this month, focusing on what makes me happy, thankful, grateful and/or blessed.

7 responses to “Thankful Thursday #1

  1. Great idea and yes, great husband!

  2. I’m thankful that when my one year old threw up on me tonight, I didn’t have to clean the floor again. Yup, I’m a mom.