Second Blog

Hello everyone. I have just started a second blog. What?!?! I know. I know. I barely have the time for one. I wanted the other blog to have more of a clear focus. So I am still debating if I’m going to stop my Treat Tuesdays on this blog and probably just have it on the other one. The second blog will focus on recipes, decorating, holidays, entertaining, and gift guides. It won’t have as much personal stuff. Which I will still write about here if you’d like to continue to follow.

Since this blog is all over the place, I wanted to have a less chaotic place to share my recipes and fun projects. Probably not everyone wants to read about my adventures with my toddler, although I think they should. And I know my bladder issues are very sexy to write about haha! I’m going to continue my Thankful Thursdays for the remainder of the month, while also sharing the same post on the other blog so if you sign up to both it may be a little redundant for a bit until I get everything sorted. Sorry for the confusion.

So, if you would like to check out the second one and subscribe I think that would be amazing! I appreciate you all and hope you like the new blog and stay tuned here for more silly adventures with my kid!

New blog is; Mommy Daughter Delights


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