Thankful Thursday #5

This week, and pretty much every other week, I am beyond thankful for books. I love to read. I go through spurts where I will read between 3-5 books a week and sometimes I go months without reading. As my daughter is a busy bee it is hard to find time to read. I’m thankful that I do find the time to read, even though I have to take a lot of breaks to keep my child alive really.

(PC: The Berry)

I read a variety of topics. I love biographies, history (specifically about the Civil War, anything about WWII), I love drama, contemporary, humor, romance (every lady needs a little smut), educational (specifically about mental illness), and devotionals. I love a good escape, or a book that inspires me to live a better life.

The world would be lost without books. The world needs readers. I love the quote that refers to something like “you can live a 1000 lives by reading.” I might be way off, but it’s the basic idea. May not seem like much, but I am extremely thankful for books and the opportunities I get to read.

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