Thankful Thursday #9

Sorry this one is so late in the day, my hubby and I were in the mountains with some friends. I’m thankful that tomorrow is a new year. While I don’t love New Years resolutions, I am looking forward to a fresh start. I think we can have a fresh start anytime, but the New Year really gives us motivation for positive change.

I want to make 2016 a fantastic year. I want to be more gentle with myself. I want to have a semi-filter. Right now there is no filter, I would love to have this talent for my job. Sometimes I stick my foot in my mouth, generally not with the inmates/my clients. It’s usually with my co-workers. And I’m thankful that my filter-less mouth hasn’t gotten me into too much trouble….yet. I really need to watch it.

(Photo found on Facebook)

I’m thankful that after a long and cold day in the mountains that I am now snuggled up in bed and am warm. I’m thankful that my in-laws watched our monster…I mean daughter so we could play. And I’m thankful to have a husband who enjoys ringing in the new year by being asleep. This is our 6th New Years that we will have kept up our tradition of going to bed by 9 or 10. We’ve both done New Years, we don’t need to stay up late to celebrate!

Hope you all have a wonderful, fun and very safe New Years!

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