I Have Returned!

After taking an 18 month hiatus, I have decided to start writing again. SOOO much has happened. It is going to take me a while to update on everything. I’m also going to revamp my blog…once I remember how to use it. This is so embarrassing.


First Dance Recital June 2017. She actually danced!

Where to start? Well, I am getting a divorce. We have been separated for over a year. He is an amazing father to our daughter and I honestly don’t have anything negative to say about him. I am lucky to be able to co-parent with him. He is also a dear friend of mine. I know that sounds super cliché and gross, but it’s true. Seeing some of my friends go through some ugly divorces, makes me appreciate how well he and I get along.

I am STILL dealing with some stupid bladder issues. I’m currently on a prescription due to my latest infection. E. Coli. I wish I understood how I keep getting the E. Coli, as I am still a vegetarian. I did find an amazing pelvic pain doctor early last year. I was on medication that made my pee blue! It was beautiful. I had vaginal suppositories. I also was going to vagina PT for several months. I was doing relatively well in the pee area for quite some time. Then my bladder decided to be a little bitch. She and I can’t seem to figure out our relationship. Way more info on that later. I know you all have been dying for an update.


Love this sweet face. She isn’t 4 yet, but look how big she’s getting

So, I’m going to start documenting my recovery process for my latest ordeal. On Wed. July 5th, I will be having surgery on my neck. AHHH! I was in a car accident in Sept. 2016, and I’ve been dealing with concussion and neck issues ever since. I have been in PT since October, 1-2 times a week. I was doing neuro-feedback treatments up to 4 times a week, initially. I was averaging 5-6 appointments every week. I had neurology appointments, eye doctors, and changes to my anti-depressants. It has been exhausting.

I wasn’t getting better with all the hoopla I was doing to recover. So I went to a spine Dr. I got an MRI. Herniated disc in my C5-C6. It is pinching a nerve. Can I just tell you how absolutely painful this has been? If anyone has been in a similar situation I feel ya. I wouldn’t wish any of my issues on my worst enemies.

From there I had 3 injections in my neck to treat the pain. I got literally, hours of relief. Hours. So the 2 different Dr.’s who did the injections said I need surgery. The spinal surgeon, said I need surgery. He is a VERY conservative Dr. so for him saying I need surgery, means I actually need it and he isn’t just trying to get money.

I finally see an end in sight as I have 4 more sleeps until I can start to recover. The surgery is called; Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (ACDF) and I’m also having an Iliac Crest Bone Graft. They are taking bone from my hip and putting it in my neck, fusing my C5-C6 together. That’s a mouthful. If you are brave and type that into YouTube, there are some graphic videos for you to watch. (Disclaimer; if you are having surgery, don’t watch what they will be doing beforehand. It’s terrifying).


Love being her mommy

There is so much for me to talk about on this topic. I will try to write as much as I can before the surgery. Then I will document my recovery. Basically, I will be in a neck brace for 1 month. I can’t pick up more than 10 pounds for 2-3 months. This means I can’t pick up my daughter. This breaks my heart. I also can’t do dishes, mow the lawn, feed my cats, change cat litter. I want to say I’m sad about not being able to do chores. Let’s be real, that part is going to be great.

Oh I also, can’t drive for the first month either. It will be like I’m a teenager all over again, without my car. Being at everyone else’s mercy. I’m not looking forward to this part. I’m not looking forward to the recovery very much basically. I am thrilled to get back to my life, but I’m tired of waiting and want to be fixed right this second.

My blog is all about all the crap my body goes through. It’s laughable how crappy my body behaves. I keep trying to exchange it on Amazon, but all the good ones are backordered. HA! If that was a thing, I’m first in line. This is going to be a LOOONNNNGGGGG recovery. I’m going to be very grouchy. What’s new, right? I’m always moody now. With all this shit going on, my depression has gotten significantly worse.

The E. Coli is eating my brains, because I don’t think anything I’ve written will make sense. And no, I’m not editing it. Thanks for asking. I wanted to do a quick update and let everyone know I am returning to my blog. Right now, I’m sweating and feeling like I’m going to faint. Don’t worry, the surgeon knows about the gross infection I have, he’s the one that called in the script. So the 5th is the big day, unless my insurance can’t pull it together. They better because I can’t handle this misery any longer!!!!


Sporting some super cool stunna shades

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  1. Welcome back! Sounds like you’ve had a rough 18 months. Sending you prayers for a healthy and safe surgery and a speedy recovery.