There’s a Ghost in My Hip

I was planning on writing sooner, but I haven’t felt like it. The surgery took place Wed morning and I was discharged late Friday evening. I’ve been trying to get as much sleep as possible and getting the pain under control. I’ll write more about the specifics of the surgery later. Too long to write currently, and I don’t have the attention span to make a lot of sense.

Photo Credit: WebMD There’s the Ghost, the red mark, I bet that’s it right there!

They put cadaver bone in my hip, after they took a chunk out to place into my neck. I was told that most people say the hip hurts worse than the neck and that it’s extremely painful. Thank my lucky stars that I have a high pain tolerance, because I have almost no pain in my hip. It aches a bit when I get up or sit down. And if I put my handsĀ  on it, it just feels like I’m pressing on a bruise. That’s about it for the hip pain.

The Ghost Hip

Back to my ghost story. I believe that they gave me a bone from a serial killer. Seriously! What if that’s what they use for cadaver bones? They wouldn’t have to pay for them because no one else would want them, and no one really wants to bury a serial killer because they might not feel they are worthy of a proper burial. Instead, they harvest their parts to place into unknowing patients who just want to feel better.

Photo Credit: They did this to me! Look at all the room for the ghost to play in!

Makes sense, right? I feel like mine is a famous serial killer, probably Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer. I’m not having the urge to kill anyone, so it’s not like they are possessing me, rather they are making me another one of their victims. I don’t have much pain in my hip and that’s exactly what that sneaky little ghost bone wants. That’s how they get you!

All irritated and bumpy. Quite attractive really.

My neck is killing me, I can’t keep much food down and I’ve been having these brutal migraines. The ghost is behind this. I’m leaning more towards Dahmer, because even with all the puking and lack of appetite, I’m gaining weight. Like 10lbs since Wed. A plump person would be more appetizing. Dahmer did like to eat his victims. Coincidence? I think not. I’m going to look into hip exorcism and see if that’s a thing. Stay tuned, unless I’m being eaten inside out by Dahmer’s ghost…..

Does anyone else think this kind of looks like an infected vagina?

4 responses to “There’s a Ghost in My Hip

  1. You crack me up! Even in pain and misery your sense of humor is still roaring! I love you!

  2. LMAO. Serial killer? Feel better soon.