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DIY Pallet Art – Colorado Flag

I have an endless supply to all the pallets my heart could ever desire. Thanks hubby for needing them for your job. I probably could try and attempt to make other things besides CO flags and mountains, but I don’t really want to. It’s very cathartic for me. Something soothing about repetitive behaviors that are mindless sometimes.

My husband takes a part the pallets and usually puts them together for me. Sometimes I put them back together. Really I help put them back together when I want pictures for the blog. Why do it when my husband is willing do, am I right? Yay for awesome husbands.

Once the pallet is taken a part, we use one of the boards, cut it in half and screw it onto the back of the pallets so it’s solid.

We use various size pallets and eyeball the size we think we want to go with. I started by making them 2-3 feet wide. This took me FOREVER to finish them. If they are made too small, then it looks weird. To me anyway. I think 1-2 feet wide is a good size.

Once again, I just eyeball what the CO flag looks like. Thank goodness the CO flag is pretty simple. I use my screw gun and go to town. This is what I feel is the most time consuming part.

Once all the screws are in, I typically start with the blue and just make patterns that I think look pretty. There isn’t a specific way to do this. Even for the large ones, once the screws are in it takes me about 2 hours to string the pallets. Once I get going, I can go pretty fast. If I’m doing a mountain scene (I’ll post those at another time) it takes a lot longer.

This has just been a fun activity for me to do. Now our garage is filled with several pallets awaiting me to string them.

Pallet Projects

Lately, I’ve been really into pallet projects. After being on Pinterest for years, I finally decided to use the inspiration to tackle some projects. I saw some fun string art and thought I could do that. My husband took apart the pallets and reassembled them for me to make my art. The first one I made was a mountain scene:

Mountain Scene

This was more difficult to do than I originally thought. I had wanted to put pretty dainty nails to wind the string around it. Yeah, that was so not happening. Apparently, I hadn’t realized that pallets are meant to be durable and pounding nails into them would be near impossible. Thank you dear husband for the use of your drill. I now claim to be a drill expert. After about 200 screws, I started to wind the string. I messed up and this took me 3 attempts¬†to get it this way. I did this one in a bit of a hurry so I could give it to my mom for her birthday. Lucky for me, she liked it!

Next, I decided I wanted to make Colorado flags. My mom preemptively asked for one. I had already started to make her one for Mother’s Day. Geez! Way to ruin the surprise, mom!

1st CO Flag I made

1st CO Flag I made

My favorite little lady with the Flag!

My favorite little lady with the Flag!

We have this one in our entry way! Then my husband took more pallets apart. He doesn’t like this part. I am very grateful! He only made 3 more completed backgrounds for me to make some more flags. He said he needed a break from pallets for a while. But I NEED them! That was a few weeks ago and has agreed to ¬†take several more apart for me this weekend! I am so thrilled! He has endless access to pallets from his work, so I will absolutely be taking advantage of this perk!

I love how the wood gives additional character to each flag. For each flag I use between 200-300 screws. I just eyeball how I want it to look, so it’s definitely not perfect. Once it’s time to put the string on, I can usually complete the project in a couple to a few hours. It’s a mindless job once the screws are in place. It’s soothing for me actually. I can get lost in a stringing rhythm. I enjoy it. I also, get blisters on my hands. My sister has requested a mountain scene as well. I am not quite done. I’ll post a picture once that is completed.

This is a fun new artistic direction for me. I’ve been really into shabby chic decor. Like I’ve said before, I need a barn. I feel like if I could have some acreage and a barn, I could turn it into my little art studio and make a sorts of fun pallet projects. I’ve got tons of ideas thanks to pinterest. I’ve got the pallets. I’ve got the string. Now I need a barn and some land.