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Feline Friday #4

We got Spooky the same day as Marvin, being siblings and all. When we first got her she was quite adventurous. She jumped off our bed, base jump style. She would try to climb out of her box. She was the first of the twins to explore. She was teeny tiny when we first got her and she had some trouble putting on weight in the beginning. This is so funny to us now, since she’s a dense kitty. The vet even calls her a potato.

Spooks doesn't like direct eye contact, very stressful for her

Spooks doesn’t like direct eye contact, very stressful for her

She has this tiny head, dainty limbs and just a plump body and no neck. She is a good kitty. Her purr is broken and she has butt problems. When she gets scared she leaves us little presents. I didn’t know cats could have anal gland issues. At some point we may get those removed. She had them cleaned at her last vet visit, and the Vet said it was “potent.” Poor kitty. She is very sweet though and loves to give love. She also forces love, by grabbing onto our hands and forces us to pet her. We love our little potato.

Spooky: aka Spooks, Poops, Pooky, Nation Wide

Born: April 2012

Adopted: April 2012 (bottle fed since 3 days old)

Age: 3

Color: Marble grey with red and white markings

Education: PhD in Women’s Studies

Profession if a Human: Professor of on-line college courses so I don’t have to leave my house, or wear pants

Psychiatric Disorders: Paranoid Personality Disorder and Dependent Personality Disorder


*Cuddling with my twin brother, Marvin

* Forced love

* Putting my butt in my parents faces

* Meals

* Standing in the shower after it’s been used

* Assisting the humans with bathroom duties


* Strangers

* The outside world or the basement

* Doors being open

* The garage door

* My own shadow if I’m unprepared to see it

* Toggle (he bullies me, so rude)

BIO: I was rescued when I was 3 days old with my brother. I opened my eyes before my brother because I am the far superior kitty. When humans give me direct eye contact, I go to them to get loved on because I know this is what they are requesting of me. I loved getting cleaned by my brother or any other cat. The humans do as I ask, because I act helpless so they will do more tasks for me. Toggle and I are having a secret affair, this is why he bullies me. He doesn’t want the other cats to feel jealous so we are keeping it on the DL.

Feline Friday #3

We got our last 2 kitties in April 2012. Marvin’s sister will be featured next week. The previous week we had adopted a 2-3 year old dog who had been abandoned by her previous owners. We thought 3 animals were sufficient.

We had just come back from a trip out of town, where my husband proposed to me. My best friend lives really close to us. She had gotten involved with a rescue, the same one we adopted our dog from. She had a box of kittens. She asked if I could help her foster 2 of them as she had 4 and felt overwhelmed. I said sure, then I asked my husband and he reluctantly agreed.

I took the tiny black one, and the tiniest gray kitty who looked like the runt. They were about 3 days old and didn’t even have their eyes open. My husband, best friend and I all learned how to bottle feed fresh kittens together. We also had to poop and pee the kittens. Apparently, the mothers of kittens and puppies do this for their babies until they learn to use the bathroom on their own. You have to stimulate their parts after they eat. It is pretty gross.

We had to get up every 2 to 2 1/2 hours to feed and poop the kitties. They were in a box in our closet with a snuggle blanket and heating pad to keep them warm. The feedings and poopings were regular through the night for about 8 weeks. This prepared me for motherhood. I’m very serious about that, getting up in the middle of the night to feed and poop and clean them made it somewhat easier for me to get on a schedule with my own little love.

Once the kittens were old enough to be adopted I thought it would be hard, but doable to adopt them out. Adopting more than 1 out isn’t as easy as you might think. People would only want one of the babies. I was adamant that they went together. I also was extremely attached and felt motherly towards the twins. Finally, there was someone who wanted to adopt both of them. I started crying hysterically and called my husband to let him know someone wanted to adopt them. He knew how upset I was and said we could keep them. I happily hung up the phone.

Long story short, we have 5 animals. The condition is that I can’t foster or adopt any more pets. I agree that I make a terrible foster parent. If I did, I would be a hoarder which isn’t good for my family or the animals. It is so hard for me to give them up, especially after I get attached. Foster parents of animals and/or children really should get medals, it is not easy work. I do know now that our 5 animals are happy, healthy and well cared for.

Marvin: aka Marv, Starvin Marvin and Little Black Bear

Sometimes Marvin and Maddie are hard to tell apart. Maddie had a little white strip on the front of her chest. Marvin has a very curly tail. Sometimes we get them mixed up, more frequently than I feel is appropriate.

Born: April 2012

Adopted: April 2012 (bottle fed since 3 days old)

Age: 3

Color: Sleek black with a curly q tail

Education: dropped out of college after a dramatic breakup

Profession if a Human: might be on welfare to get government benefits due to my laziness. I am working towards my CNA certification and then plan on attending nursing school. I would like to be educated in skills that will help me be better prepared to take care of my sister Spooky. I enjoy being a caregiver.

Psychiatric Disorders Insomnia, Personality Disorder NOS


*Make out session with my twin sister Spooky

* Pets

* Snuggling with people when they are asleep and putting my paws on either side of their faces

* Yelling throughout the house

* Exploring the basement

* Exploring the deck (sometimes the yard, if it’s that kind of day)

* Snacks, any and all snacks

* Eating off humans plates (especially if they are still eating off it)

* Watching people shower


* Upside down adventure time

* Little black bear song and dance, I am a CAT not a BEAR got it?

* Food dishes that are less than 3/4 full

* Being held on my back like a baby

BIO: I was rescued when I was 3 days old. I had to be bottle fed and pooped. Literally, mom cats usually do this. My parents had to wipe me after I was fed until I completed my business. My human mother and father did this for me and I screamed and screamed every time. I was only 3 ounces when they got me and my eyes weren’t even open. My mom and dad were such excellent parents that I now thrive and get to roam around with my sister and our friends. I am curious about the world. I love snuggling and invading personal space. One time I invaded my dad’s personal space when he was using the restroom. Long story short, I jumped into the toilet and got peed on. My dad was not pleased.

Feline Friday #2

Toggle is the 2nd pet we got. I was going through a very difficult point in my life and felt lonely. I was hanging out with some of my friends who were looking at the local humane society’s page to find a dog for themselves. I asked if we could look at the cats. There was an adorable tabby kitten. I can’t even remember his name now, but I decided I wanted that kitty.

My husband, who was my boyfriend at the time, didn’t want another cat. We already had a cat, and in his mind 1 was enough. When it comes to cats, you can never just have 1. He threw a fit saying he didn’t want a kitty. Then he hands me $100 to go adopt a kitten. He tells people all the time that he didn’t want another cat, but he willingly gave me the money and now loves him! Of course I’m going to go with whichever response gets me what I want.

The cat I originally went to adopt was with another family when I got there. Then Toggle looked into my eyes and soul and he telepathically told me that we belonged together. Of course I knew right away that it was meant to be. He came home with me within the hour. He is a very tolerant kitty. He lets me put him in M’s baby clothes and shoes. He lets her pet him. He lets us hold him. He doesn’t always do it with a smile, but he does it. He is my kitty cat soul mate. He’s the kitty I have been searching my whole life for. He also sits like a weirdo and loves to show his parts to everyone.

Toggle: aka Senor, Butters, Kitty Cat Meow Meow

Born: May 2011

Adopted: July 2011

Age: 4

Color: Tabby, regal stripes, and a fuzzy head and big fat paws

Education: Doctorate in Animal Studies

Profession if a Human: Male Model, Philosopher

Psychiatric Disorder: Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Ideas of Grandeur, Agoraphobia.


* Chasing the other cats

* Getting vigorous pets, while looking at myself in the mirror

* Yelling at bobby pins

* Playing with bobby pins/safety pins and twisty ties

* Taco bell lettuce

* My mom


* Real meat (besides my dry cat food)

* Strangers

* Any situation that looks like it could be dangerous

* Forced kitty cuddle time (more on that later, ugh!)

* Rubs from the baby

* Mom dressing me in the baby’s clothes (even though I look fabulous!!)

BIO: I love to chase around bobby pins, probably my favorite activity. I can chase them for hours. I will bring them on the bed and yell so my parents will know what a great hunter I am. Then I will knock the bobby pin off the bed with my fat cat paws. I will yell so my parents will now be aware that the prey has gotten away! Oh wait, not so quick. Once I’ve sprang off the bed, I am quick to retrieve my prize. Once I get tired of that, I make sure to put the pins inside my food dish. I’m so clever, this way I won’t ever forget where my favorite things are. However, I will never ever play with the bobby pins once they have entered the food dish, in case the other kitties contaminate them with their germs. This also lets them know what a great hunter I am, lest anyone forgets.

He loves to sit like this, he's such a weirdo. Handsome, but a weirdo!

He loves to sit like this, he’s such a weirdo. Handsome, but a weirdo!

Feline Friday #1

She doesn't like being held

She doesn’t like being held

I love cats. Obviously, since I have 4. I think each of my cats deserve to be featured and I’ll feature cats that I think need a home. I like to think about what my cats might do if they were humans. I think my cats would like a job. Maddie was our first kitty.

The other cats were all rescues. We got Maddie at a pet store. I don’t usually support pet stores because I think there care is poor. However, Maddie was just 8 weeks old (allegedly) and I couldn’t stand to leave her all alone. Someone had just bought her brother. She looked so scared that I had to have her.

She is also our only declawed kitty. I know, I know, it’s mutilation. None of our other cats are declawed. They are the ones that destroy our furniture. Maddie is also probably the only one that could benefit from having claws since she is our only adventurous kitty. She loves to go outside whenever we let her. All our cats are indoor cats. Maddie I think would love to be an outdoor kitty. She loves to sit on our shoulders and backs and pretend to be a parrot. She is very independent, but loves to cuddle (on her terms). Here’s a profile I did on our sweet Maddie girl.

Maddie: Aka Princess

Born: Jan. 2011

Adopted: March 2011

Age: 4

Color: Majestic Black

Education: Bachelor’s in Hunting and Jumping

Profession if a Human: Top rated rock climber or an outdoor enthusiast with a passion for hunting.


* running out the door

* chasing birds, insects, dust (things only I can see with my purrfect vision)

* long naps on the corner of the bed

* short petting sessions


* being left inside

* shrill noises

* the use of speaker phone

* my mom’s singing

* baby crying

BIO: I love running outside, especially when I can be sneaky. When the dog goes out for a potty break, I make a mad dash to the door and usually get through undetected. When people bend over I enjoy jumping onto their backs. I like being perched in high places, because I am a princess. I chirp at birds. It’s pretty much my songs to the humans to let them know I am happy and about to pounce.

Pretty Princess

Pretty Princess