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Struggles with Pregnancy

You Can Get Strep in Other Places than your Throat?

I was nearing the end of my pregnancy when I was informed that I would need a strep test. In my vagina?!?!?! I called my mom and sister and told them about this, they both responded with; “yeah, that’s normal.” Oh, is it? Is it really normal? Then why did this seem like a foreign topic, and who knew that I would need a swab of my vagina? Why wasn’t I prepared for it? This would have been the most beneficial time for my mom or sister to inform me that they would also stick the swab in my back door. Hello there! That was an unpleasant surprise! Even more of a surprise was when I was told I had both strep and E. coli. My first thought was, I’m a vegetarian how can I have e. coli in my lady bits?

This was new to me, and no one had prepared me for this. I felt like issues weren’t discussed until the time an event actually happened. With women having babies since the beginning of time, where is the abundance of this information? I would like to be informed. I feel like my own body is not really mine. How does everyone else appear to know more about my pregnancy than I do? I felt several emotions, probably the most prominent being irritation with the lack of knowledge I had surrounding pregnancy. With all the advancements in technology and becoming a mom was a pretty frequent occurrence, why are women still struggling to find support and education on pregnancy? About the only thing I took away from this experience is that I’m not fond off swabs in my nether regions. At all!