Why I Think Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Promotes Unhealthy Relationships

Yes, you heard me right. This “happy” childrens story is deceptively dark. While Rudolph isn’t the bad guy, the other reindeer and Santa are kind of jacka$$es. Seriously.

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I was planning on writing about this very thing and then I found this picture on The Chive this morning. Makes me feel good to know that I’m not the only one who sees this as a messed up, supposedly feel good story. Have you ever really read the lyrics? Have you ever thought while singing, or reading this to your kids that “huh, this isn’t really teaching my kid a valuable lesson?” I have. Let’s take another look at the lyrics, shall we?

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What I take away from this song, is that it’s not good to be different. It will only be cool to be different once someone feels that they can benefit from your unique traits. Or if a leader (i.e a famous person, someone you look up to, someone in a position of power, etc.) tells the majority of the group to like the outcast. This isn’t promoting children, or adults even, to appreciate the things that make them special.

There are subtle take away lessons that make it seem okay to have relationships/friendships with people who use you. It teaches you to be a doormat. The reindeer and Santa never even apologized for being so rude. It’s showing that it’s okay to be walked all over and bullied, as long as they accept you into their group once they need you. Ewww. Such a gross way to make relationships.

This whole story really upsets me. I think that people get too sensitive over silly things, however, this one just bugs me. What happens after they finish dropping off the Christmas presents? What happens the next Christmas when there isn’t fog. Do the other reindeer really like Rudolph or are they only pretending to because Santa told them too? Yay Rudolph saves the day! What? That’s it? What happens after? There is an unfinished plot. There was no explanation on why Rudolph was already awesome. Also, they never gave a backstory to why he had a red nose. Not that this part really matters, but it would have been nice to be informed.

I’d like to see this movie turn out differently. Like “Hey! Thanks Santa for acknowledging me because you need me. I think I’m good though and don’t actually want the job. I’d like to work at a place where people appreciate my difference. I don’t really feel like hanging around fake people who pick on the underdog. Super cool of you to exploit me, but I’m gonna get out of here.” He can do so much better than Santa and his lame judgmental reindeer who aren’t brave enough to have their own opinions.

Rudoplh was always cool. He didn’t need Santa’s validation to see that. Thanks, but no thanks Santa. Keep on truckin’ Rudolph!

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Thankful Thursday #5

This week, and pretty much every other week, I am beyond thankful for books. I love to read. I go through spurts where I will read between 3-5 books a week and sometimes I go months without reading. As my daughter is a busy bee it is hard to find time to read. I’m thankful that I do find the time to read, even though I have to take a lot of breaks to keep my child alive really.

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I read a variety of topics. I love biographies, history (specifically about the Civil War, anything about WWII), I love drama, contemporary, humor, romance (every lady needs a little smut), educational (specifically about mental illness), and devotionals. I love a good escape, or a book that inspires me to live a better life.

The world would be lost without books. The world needs readers. I love the quote that refers to something like “you can live a 1000 lives by reading.” I might be way off, but it’s the basic idea. May not seem like much, but I am extremely thankful for books and the opportunities I get to read.

All I Want for Christmas is You……..to be Potty Trained

I have plenty of stuff. What I really want is for my daughter to be potty trained. She’s 2 1/4, people say I shouldn’t worry because she won’t be going to college in a diaper. I’m not convinced that these people are correct. I feel like it’s NEVER going to happen. Please oh please let it happen. And soon.

We started potty training about a year ago. She wasn’t quite 18 months. I thought potty training would be easy and that my kid would be so amazing and my parenting would be so amazing that she would be all done with diapers well before 2. As we are all learning, our kids have their own opinions and we aren’t really in charge.

We have a kids potty. We have a tiny toilet seat that can be put over the toilet to make it easier for her to learn. We have a potty book that has fun sounds and songs. It’s not happening. I don’t think it’s because my child can’t learn, I think she won’t. She knows when she has to go and sometimes tells us. When I ask her to use the potty she refuses. Or if she does want to use it, it’s not to actually go. She likes to flush it. She also likes to try and wipe when mommy and daddy are using the potty. Pretty invasive if you ask me.

(PC: The Meta Picture: if this doesn’t happen soon,

I will have a nervous breakdown)

I hate diapers. I’m over them. They are super expensive. Cloth grosses me out. Our little love is so funny when it comes to her choice of diapers. She likes the diapers that have Minnie Mouse on them or Doc McStuffins. If we run out of those it is an all out battle, complete with a terrible two style meltdown. Oh, did I mention that she can change her own diaper and uses the wipes correctly? Yeah…so if it’s just a potty we have her change them since she can. We hoped this would make her bored of changing her own diapers. It did not.

She wastes so many diapers. Even if there is nothing in it, when she toots she says; “it’s a poopie” and changes her diaper destroying the perfectly good one in the process. Or she will take off the diaper and refuse to put another one on. She did this over the weekend and peed on the stairs and on the 2nd floor. Then she had the nerve to ask “what happened?” What do you mean what happened? You peed on the floor. Because you refused to wear a diaper. And refused to go to the bathroom. And I had to clean it up. And you STILL didn’t put on a diaper or underwear. Good grief! This child will be the death of me!

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So yes, for Christmas I would greatly appreciate a completely potty trained toddler. I don’t know how to register for this. I’ve been good this year so maybe Santa has gotten this for me. And if he doesn’t we are now bribing our child to use the potty. A dime for a potty or a small treat, a quarter for a poopie or a couple of small treats and a quarter for each nap. This kid could make a killing by being potty trained and napping. She did take a nap today so she earned a quarter. Not a cent more…..maybe tomorrow she will need a lot of change.

It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas

This is one of my favorite times of the year. Most people seem to be friendlier and grateful for all the wonderful things in their lives. Christmas lights feel magical to me. I started to put some of my Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving. I brought our tree up Thanksgiving night. I’m ready for the celebrations to begin.

I can’t remember the last time we had snow on Thanksgiving. It’s really starting to feel like winter instead of fall. This really helps to get everyone into the Christmas spirit. We bought our little love a mini snowmobile in hopes that she will want to ride with us. She hasn’t been into her helmet, but when we had a couple of inches of snow on the ground, she loved riding it. Like really loved it! My fearless child will probably be a maniac on that thing, but I’m proud that she is so adventurous.

I didn’t go at all last year because the snow was terrible. This year it sounds like there will be a lot of snow. Yippee! Having a winter activity helps keep the winter blues away; or at least further away than if there wasn’t any winter hobby.

We were up at my parents house today to celebrate Thanksgiving with my side of the family. My parents already have their housed decked out in Christmas cheer. The trees were gorgeous and unlike anything I have seen. The snow looks like it crystalized onto the trees and made the atmosphere feel crisp, clean and is participating in the Christmas feeling.

My mom already has some presents under the tree. My little love attempted to open several packages today. More than once. And guess what? She didn’t nap today. I know that is a shock. I even tried to bribe her with a dollar. I think she kept it, even though she didn’t take a nap. No, I am not above bribing my child to sleep. Mama needs a break. Choose your bribes wisely. They may not be as effective as you are hoping. Mine was a big fail. But look at that face. This girl has us wrapped around her fingers.

This mom is ready to do all sorts of wintery and Christmasy activities in hopes that when my daughter is grown she will think fondly on her childhood. Plus, I really want to make Christmas treats and having a toddler is totally an excuse to over indulge.

Thankful Thursday – Thanksgiving 2015

Happy Thanksgiving! I can’t believe it is already Thanksgiving. This month has been very hectic for us and I feel like 2015 has flown by. I feel like my mind has been all over the place and I’m grateful for this holiday to slow everything down.

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We are spending the actual holiday with my in-laws because my dad is out of the country. We will celebrate with my family on Saturday. This is my first Thanksgiving not spent with my family. It makes me sad. I like things to be a certain way. I like to know what I can expect. I like tradition.

While I am sad about not spending the holiday with my family; I am grateful that I get to have 2 Thanksgivings this year. I’m grateful that my daughter gets to see both sides of her relatives for the holidays. I’m grateful that I have never had to worry about going hungry. I’m thankful that I’ve never had to worry about not having shelter at night. I’m beyond thankful that I have a family that could help me out if food or shelter were ever a concern.

I’m thankful for my freedom. On so many levels. We are all so lucky that we basically get to live our lives the way we choose. I’m thankful for a holiday that helps us focus on what the good things in our lives. Hope everyone has a great and safe holiday.

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