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Thankful Thursdays #7

Yep, that’s my hair. I donated about 10 inches. In total we cut off 11 inches, possibly 12. That’s a lot of hair. I needed a cut badly. My hair is super thick and if people are envious, don’t be. It’s heavy and so hard to manage. However, I shouldn’t even be complaining because I do have hair.

I’m thankful that I have the ability to donate my hair to little girls or women who have lost theirs. This is my 4th or 5th donation. So today’s thankful list is short. I am so glad that my annoyingly thick hair will hopefully benefit someone else in the near future. I’m grateful that I have hair and I’m able to get mine done pretty.

And that’s a selfie. I don’t take a lot of those. The end product. I love it, but I’m also getting used to it and am scared that I look like a boy. Yay for irrational thoughts. Also, if you live in the Denver area or are close to the north Denver area, I get my hair done at Salon Toujours Belle. Alaina Niblett does mine, check her out if you’re in the area or her FB page; Hair By Alaina.