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More Pictures of Fall

I told you all, that probably by the time winter arrives, everyone will have already had enough of my photos having to do with fall. I can’t help myself. It’s so pretty. I love the decorations, so festive.

Growing up, we started to decorate for fall early to mid-September. Once October hits, you add in Halloween specific decorations. Once we are in November, you can keep most of your fall decorations, but have it more geared towards Thanksgiving. You can easily get 3 months worth of fall decorations! Win-win!

Wreaths make your front door, or inside pop with color. You can find pre-made ones at Michaels or Hobby Lobby. If you want to decorate one yourself, you can find plain wreaths at either store. Get some fake leaves, fall colored flowers, etc. and decorate until your heart is content.

I can’t remember if the wreath on my front door was pre-made or if my mom decorated it for me. But, it’s pretty and filled with fall colors. We had an old milk container, which my mother filled with fall flowers and leaves. Fall feels so rustic to me, I think my porch is autumn ready.

Make sure you pick of plenty of pumpkins, gourds, and squash of various sizes and colors. Then place them all over your front porch, on your centerpiece of your table, fill up bowls, lanterns; whatever, just pumpkin the crap out of your life. You will definitely be ready for the season and it seems like however you choose to arrange them they look terrific. Now you look almost magazine ready. Well, my mom does at least. Her decorations make me fill like I’m climbing right into a Southern Living magazine.

I should have hauled out my Halloween specific decorations today. My tiny human has been a bit of a bear, refusing to nap. Since she “needs” to be attached to my hip I can’t get out my other decorations. But don’t you worry. I will post those photos as soon as I drag them out! Once again, hope you all are enjoying the beautiful fall weather!

Pallet Projects

Lately, I’ve been really into pallet projects. After being on Pinterest for years, I finally decided to use the inspiration to tackle some projects. I saw some fun string art and thought I could do that. My husband took apart the pallets and reassembled them for me to make my art. The first one I made was a mountain scene:

Mountain Scene

This was more difficult to do than I originally thought. I had wanted to put pretty dainty nails to wind the string around it. Yeah, that was so not happening. Apparently, I hadn’t realized that pallets are meant to be durable and pounding nails into them would be near impossible. Thank you dear husband for the use of your drill. I now claim to be a drill expert. After about 200 screws, I started to wind the string. I messed up and this took me 3 attempts¬†to get it this way. I did this one in a bit of a hurry so I could give it to my mom for her birthday. Lucky for me, she liked it!

Next, I decided I wanted to make Colorado flags. My mom preemptively asked for one. I had already started to make her one for Mother’s Day. Geez! Way to ruin the surprise, mom!

1st CO Flag I made

1st CO Flag I made

My favorite little lady with the Flag!

My favorite little lady with the Flag!

We have this one in our entry way! Then my husband took more pallets apart. He doesn’t like this part. I am very grateful! He only made 3 more completed backgrounds for me to make some more flags. He said he needed a break from pallets for a while. But I NEED them! That was a few weeks ago and has agreed to ¬†take several more apart for me this weekend! I am so thrilled! He has endless access to pallets from his work, so I will absolutely be taking advantage of this perk!

I love how the wood gives additional character to each flag. For each flag I use between 200-300 screws. I just eyeball how I want it to look, so it’s definitely not perfect. Once it’s time to put the string on, I can usually complete the project in a couple to a few hours. It’s a mindless job once the screws are in place. It’s soothing for me actually. I can get lost in a stringing rhythm. I enjoy it. I also, get blisters on my hands. My sister has requested a mountain scene as well. I am not quite done. I’ll post a picture once that is completed.

This is a fun new artistic direction for me. I’ve been really into shabby chic decor. Like I’ve said before, I need a barn. I feel like if I could have some acreage and a barn, I could turn it into my little art studio and make a sorts of fun pallet projects. I’ve got tons of ideas thanks to pinterest. I’ve got the pallets. I’ve got the string. Now I need a barn and some land.

I NEEEED a Barn!

I’m just a country girl without a barn. Also, I don’t live in the country. These both need to change. I have dreams that having some acreage and a barn will be terribly chic and improve my quality of life significantly.

Growing up, we had a friend who had a fantastic barn. It was our baby sitter and we entertained ourselves for hours! There was a juke box, trampoline, swing, and lots of hot chocolate and apple cider. My daughter definitely needs something like this in her life!

I envision running around the yard, having picnics, bon fires and the occasional hay ride. I want her to have a childhood that is filled with the simple beauty of nature and space of her own to explore. I want to have barn parties. I want to have Thanksgiving in a barn that is worthy of Country Living.

How can I make this my reality? I can do this. One day I will have a barn! One day I will make that barn the most spectacular barn the earth has ever seen! I want a tire swing, a zip line and slack line placed between beautiful mature trees that will obviously be near my perfect barn.

I should get a goat! Maybe I will get a goat? Probably not a goat, but will continue to enjoy my plethora of cats. I could possibly justify getting more?!?! Hopefully my husband will think I’m so charming that he will support my barn endeavors. Once he sees how magical I will make it I bet he will be begging me to get more cats. And then maybe a goat.

Yes, this is happening! I will make it happen.

I told my husband about my barn idea and the possibility of acquiring more cats. He stared at me in silence. He is fine with a barn. He is not ok with more cats. I think this is still negotiable. Right?