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Sometimes You Struggle

Yes folks, today was another struggle. Instead of going into all the details, I talked about it on my Podcast, wrote a letter to myself and went for a walk with my mom.

I’m sick of this neck brace. I’m sick of not getting to pick up my daughter. I’m sick of not being able to drive. I’m sick of the next pain still. I’m sick of my brain being in a constant stage of confusion.

All you divorced folks out there, do you have specific schedules? We have a 5-2-2-5 Schedule. So one of us gets Mondays and Tuesdays, the other gets Wednesdays and Thursdays and we alternate weekends. We have been doing great exchanging days for holidays, birthdays, random things coming up, whatever. He and I work really well as a team.

Since the surgery our parenting schedule had been all messed up. Since I can’t take care of her by herself my mom either stays at my place and brings my daughter with her, or she will take us down to my parents house for my weekends. While I’m delighted that I even get to see her, I don’t want to have a baby sitter to spend time with my kid. Although, I do think it’s crucial until I’m cleared for the weight restriction, because the goofball is hyper and wants me to do somersaults with her once my neck brace is gone. The main point though, is with the changes in the parenting schedule and the meds and being loopy, I am all jumbled in my head. I never know what day it is. Because I’d normally have her today so I think it’s Thursday, but it’s not. Then I thought it was Monday, but apparently that isn’t the case either. I’m all over the place and it really stresses me out.

I hate the head fog feeling. On the plus side, I wanted a donut today, a long john specifically with chocolate on top and angel cream in the middle. Yum.. Instead I ate a peach. Then made a pan of brownies and melted marshmallows on top. Yay me! I have no idea what 10lbs is, but that brownie pan felt heavy. I’m sure there is no way near 10lbs, but then what does that say about me? I am seriously out of shape and my baby arms can’t lift anything. No strong man competitions in my future.

Hope you all got brownies, marshmallows, or brownies with marshmallows on this summer evening. And thank those that help you when you need it, even if you have too much pride to ask for it. Words can’t express my gratitude to my mother. She is most definitely overbearing and annoys me easily, but I love her to death and am forever grateful that she has taken care of me, even though she has a ton to deal with on her plate. I do love you mom, even when I’m a raging bitch I love you. You still are not a Dr. though so stop with the medical advice. Love ya!

Night everyone. XOXO

5 Things I Really Had to Say to My Toddler This Week

1) We do NOT put drumsticks in the kitty’s litter box:

Yes. I found my little girl in the laundry room, digging around the litter box with some drumsticks. I asked her what she was doing, she said; “playing.” I told her we don’t do that. She laughed of course. Then I had to thoroughly wash her hands, and mine….several times. Gross!

2) We do NOT wash our hands in applesauce:

She had some applesauce with her dinner. I was cleaning up the kitchen. Then I hear a sweet voice say; “I clean my hands.” She enjoys washing her hands and helping clean lately. However, this time she was cleaning then in her applesauce. Of course she made sure to get some between every finger. Then she spread it onto the counter and her chair. It was fun.

3) No, you may not get naked in front of your friends:

We had some of her friends come over yesterday. She likes older kids. They leave their clothes on. Not sure why she felt the need to strip in the living room. But she did. Then strutted away with her cute cheeks hanging out.

4) The fridge is not a good place for a nap:

This one scares me a bit. She now knows how to open the fridge and freezer doors. Except she is fascinated by trying to fit in, and tries to close the door. Thank goodness she is too big to actually succeed at this. She likes to kind of sit in the door and try to snack on pickles. Yep.

5) The carpet does not need to be blow-dried:

This one is kinda my fault. I can’t leave her alone for 1 second. And I mean, literally 1 second. I was blow drying my hair in the hallway. For some reason my outlets in my bathroom and the guest bathroom aren’t working. The breakers seem to be fine. Anyway, I was drying my hair in the hallway. I left it on the floor to let the dog back inside. Then I hear the smoke detectors going off. My sweet angel was holding the blow dryer on the carpet. In the middle of the hallway. You can’t hide it. It’s been a really fun week. I mean, really super fun. I don’t even know where she comes up with these ideas.

I’m pretty certain that this child is the main reason I have to dye my hair frequently now. I’m not quite 32. I’ve had to dye my hair for a couple of years now. My daughter is 2. Coincidence? I think not. I need help! Grey is not flattering with my skin tone.

(Photo Credit: The Chive)

11 Things About ME Tag

A bunch of bloggers are doing similar variations to this fun idea. I was asked to participate by Melissa from Chaos and Cheer. Her blog is amazing, definitely check her out! She was asked to answer 11 questions about herself, to see her answers click here. She then asked a few other bloggers to answer 11 questions about ourselves.

Here are the questions for me:

What is your favorite movie you have watched this summer?

I would have to say Unbroken. I love movies that make me want to be a better person. I loved that this was based on a true story. The main character was strong and persevered. I was sobbing while watching it, but definitely one of my favorite movies I have ever seen.

If you had to choose between good looks or being smart which would you choose?

Hands down being smart. Looks fade. And looks are so subjective, a beautiful person with an ugly heart starts to appear ugly in my mind. Same with someone who had a beautiful heart, their appearance improves. I think being intelligent just adds so many valuable layers to who you are as a person.

What TV show is your guilty pleasure and your are embarrassed to say you watch?

Bachelor in Paradise. I am not usually a big fan of these types of shows. I am totally sucked in though. Watching it as I’m writing this now actually. Don’t judge, we all need some mindless TV every now and then.

What is your favorite place to go on vacation?

Oklahoma. Hear me out. I grew up in the Midwest and miss it dearly. I love going out there because it reminds me of my childhood, even though I didn’t grow up in OK. The lakes there are huge, warm and perfect. It’s the most relaxing place and there isn’t pressure to explore a new place. I prefer to feel like I’m at home.

How do you like your coffee?

No. No coffee for me. It’s too adult. Even with all the sugar in the world it tastes like dirt to me. I worked at Starbucks once. I lasted 2 weeks. They made me have a coffee passport so I could tell customers what the coffee was like. It all tastes disgusting to me, I asked them to just tell me what they wanted me to say to customers. We were not a good fit. Bye bye Starbucks, I don’t miss you.

What is your favorite dessert?

Brownies. Always brownies.

What song do you put on when you need something to brighten your day?

“I won’t give up” by Jason Mraz. Or anything pop, like Taylor Swift. Taylor has some great upbeat music. It makes me feel young to listen to her.

What is something new you have been wanting to try but have not done so yet?

Trapeze lessons. It looks so glamorous and I could be graceful!

What life lesson do you wish you had listened to when you were younger?

To not give up opportunities to travel abroad because of a guy. With a little one, it’s so much harder to travel. Also, my standards for where I stay are much higher. Bed bugs and all freak me out. 10 years ago I don’t think I really cared. I gave up an opportunity to study abroad for a semester in Europe, stayed for a boyfriend. Another semester I had an opportunity to study abroad in Australia. Guess what I did? Yep, stayed behind for a boyfriend. No I didn’t marry this man. What was a thinking?! I don’t regret much in my life, but not traveling when I had the chance is one I think about often.

Would you rather have a big mansion or a nice home in the country with lots of land?

Country house with land!!!! I think I was born to be a country girl. I like space. I want more space to do all my activities. I am afraid of small talk and don’t want to be soooo close to my neighbors.

What’s your favorite holiday?

Christmas. You can celebrate for a whole month and most people are a lot nicer. But during the summer I will say 4th of July. I love patriotic music and fireworks.

So here’s the deal. If you choose to continue this tagging along make sure you link your blog back to me. Also, let me know when your posts are up so I can read them. You will answer the 11 questions I ask you. Then find some blogs that you would like to continue in this posting and come up with 11 questions for them. I know everyone is busy, but if you have time complete if you can! My nominees are:

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My Questions for you Lovely Ladies:

1) What is your favorite season?

2) If you could be any age again, what age would you pick?

3) What is your favorite snack?

4) Do you prefer hot or cold weather?

5) What is your favorite part of blogging?

6) Would you rather be ridiculously good-looking or intelligent?

7) What is your favorite movie?

8) Would you prefer a night out on the town or reading a good book in solitude?

9) Mountains or Beaches?

10) What is your dream job?

11) What was your favorite stage for your kid/kiddos?

The Cath is GONE!!!

After a pretty confusing day, the catheter was removed. The removal was not as painful as I was expecting. Despite, desperately wanting to set the stupid thing on fire, I refrained. Something about burning plastic and rubber being bad for the environment, yadda, yadda, yadda (heavy sigh and eye roll).

I had an X-ray where they filled my cath with dye to see how my bladder is healing. More liquid being forced in an injured bladder is quite unpleasant. I think I would rather have my leg cut off than ever go through anything like that again. Anyway, the radiologist and x-ray technician were lovely. They explained everything to me, let me cry, gave me encouragement; all the things you’d hope when you are going through a traumatic medical ordeal.

After the x-rays were done, the radiologist said that my urologist would determine if my catheter could be removed. Then he told me based on his findings, he believed that I would need to have it in for several more weeks. Cue the dramatic sobbing and cussing. Based on what he found, there was still a tear in my bladder? I’m confused, because I thought during my procedure a tear was caused which is what I had surgery for? I’m lost. He also found reflux in my ureters. He told me this could be why I have so many UTI’s or the constant feelings of urinary infections. Okay, some answers here.

I grumbled my way into my urologist’s office. I asked him if I could have a copy of the radiology report. On the front page it reported I had a bladder rupture. All of this is so confusing. Which is it? A tear or a rupture? At this point does it really matter? Regardless, there is still a tear. The radiologist is concerned. The urologist isn’t. Who’s opinion do I listen to the most?

If it involves my catheter being removed, clearly the urologist wins. Basically anyone willing to take it out is my new best friend for life! I’m a little nervous, because the radiologist was worried that if it was removed too quickly I might end up needing another surgery if the tear doesn’t heal correctly. I’m definitely getting a second opinion.

The urologist told me that I will still be uncomfortable for several weeks and will need to vacate my bladder immediately when I feel the urge. He was insistent that I don’t try to hold anything in my bladder for any amount of time to prevent further damage. He is also confident that I will heal with no problems. He also didn’t think that I would end up needing surgery from a cystoscopy, but he’s bound to be right about something.

After a week of catheterization peeing in a toilet was heavenly! It sounds so ridiculous, but it has been amazing. Frequent, but lovely. I get horrible cramping at the beginning, then satisfaction. Next, I get some burning and the feeling that my bladder isn’t completely empty. But it’s progress! We are getting there! I am a normal person again.

In other news, my tiny human has been so snuggly because I have been practically bedridden for a week. She just wants to cuddle with me and give me kisses. Toddler smooches are the best medication. I’m so grateful that my mom lives close enough that she can take care of my daughter, my house and me. My husband can take time off work to take care of me as well. Other than the obvious pain of surgery; I’m so fortunate to have a loving mother, daughter and husband to make my recovery bearable. It makes the crappy moments worth fighting through. I might disagree and beg them to kill me, but I’m glad they never agree.