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All I Want for Christmas is You……..to be Potty Trained

I have plenty of stuff. What I really want is for my daughter to be potty trained. She’s 2 1/4, people say I shouldn’t worry because she won’t be going to college in a diaper. I’m not convinced that these people are correct. I feel like it’s NEVER going to happen. Please oh please let it happen. And soon.

We started potty training about a year ago. She wasn’t quite 18 months. I thought potty training would be easy and that my kid would be so amazing and my parenting would be so amazing that she would be all done with diapers well before 2. As we are all learning, our kids have their own opinions and we aren’t really in charge.

We have a kids potty. We have a tiny toilet seat that can be put over the toilet to make it easier for her to learn. We have a potty book that has fun sounds and songs. It’s not happening. I don’t think it’s because my child can’t learn, I think she won’t. She knows when she has to go and sometimes tells us. When I ask her to use the potty she refuses. Or if she does want to use it, it’s not to actually go. She likes to flush it. She also likes to try and wipe when mommy and daddy are using the potty. Pretty invasive if you ask me.

(PC: The Meta Picture: if this doesn’t happen soon,

I will have a nervous breakdown)

I hate diapers. I’m over them. They are super expensive. Cloth grosses me out. Our little love is so funny when it comes to her choice of diapers. She likes the diapers that have Minnie Mouse on them or Doc McStuffins. If we run out of those it is an all out battle, complete with a terrible two style meltdown. Oh, did I mention that she can change her own diaper and uses the wipes correctly? Yeah…so if it’s just a potty we have her change them since she can. We hoped this would make her bored of changing her own diapers. It did not.

She wastes so many diapers. Even if there is nothing in it, when she toots she says; “it’s a poopie” and changes her diaper destroying the perfectly good one in the process. Or she will take off the diaper and refuse to put another one on. She did this over the weekend and peed on the stairs and on the 2nd floor. Then she had the nerve to ask “what happened?” What do you mean what happened? You peed on the floor. Because you refused to wear a diaper. And refused to go to the bathroom. And I had to clean it up. And you STILL didn’t put on a diaper or underwear. Good grief! This child will be the death of me!

(PC:The Berry; is it too early for bed?)

So yes, for Christmas I would greatly appreciate a completely potty trained toddler. I don’t know how to register for this. I’ve been good this year so maybe Santa has gotten this for me. And if he doesn’t we are now bribing our child to use the potty. A dime for a potty or a small treat, a quarter for a poopie or a couple of small treats and a quarter for each nap. This kid could make a killing by being potty trained and napping. She did take a nap today so she earned a quarter. Not a cent more…..maybe tomorrow she will need a lot of change.

My Kid is Gross and Exhausting!

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about my 5 biggest struggles with my toddler. A big one was that she doesn’t like to wear any clothes and isn’t potty trained yet. This results in frequent accidents…..that I get to clean. Gross!

Well when I last wrote about it, I said there was a mystery poop in her bedroom that I couldn’t find. It was found. The next day. When my daughter proudly presented it to me. In her hands. From her toy box… I don’t have the words.

Today, there have already been 2 incidents where she has had a poop filled diaper. I couldn’t get to her to change it in time. She ran away from me, ripping it off. The contents of the diaper fell on the floor. She tried to hand it to me, which would be helpful if her hands weren’t on the inside of the diaper. This type of occurence seems to be becoming more frequent.

Then this happened:

What are these stupid rocks?

What are these stupid rocks? Why do I have these? Why does my girl want to play with it? I mean, every time I think we have FINALLY gotten the house safe and toddler proofed, she discovers something else that isn’t kid-friendly. I keep finding this unnecessary crap all over the house that I want to throw away. Why did I feel I needed this stuff at one point? These tiny rocks were in a glass bowl that held a candle. It was pretty. Definitely not practical. Sitting on the dining room table for no reason at all.

I’ve realized that once I figure this parenting thing out and feel like we are in a good groove, my little girl shows me that I was completely wrong. This makes me appreciate my mother so much more. I only have 1 little monster. My sister and I are 16 months a part. My mom kept the house sparkling clean at all times, always had homemade dinners, my sister and I were clean and well-behaved (except when I threw my history making temper tantrums) and she worked part-time as a Therapist with her own practice. Whew! Just writing that exhausted me.

To all the mothers out there keeping their kids clean, happy, fed and feeling loved; you are all amazing. Being a mom isn’t easy. It’s not always fun and rewarding. Believe me, picking up mess after mess and poop off the floor did not make me feel rewarded. I love her with all my heart and soul, but today she was gross. Just so gross. Potty training time better be right around the corner!

This is the face of a naughty little girl, who is quite pleased with herself

This is the face of a naughty little girl, who is quite pleased with herself

My 5 Biggest Struggles with my Toddler


Who could ever get frustrated with that face, right? That’s part of the problem, this child knows she’s adorable and uses it to her advantage. I think she has manipulated us from the moment she popped out!

While I love being her mother and wouldn’t trade this child for the world; there are some challenges that we face frequently. I think she saves up the majority of her stubbornness for me and me alone. Here are the top 5 battles we are constantly dealing with.

1) Cutting Fingernails

Let me just say that if I get 7 out of 10 fingernails or toenails, I consider that success. She fights me and wiggles around so that I can’t touch her fingers or toes without fearing that I will cut her (in case you’re wondering, I have). Today we had one of our battles. I was not successful. I cut 2 nails. 2! Not for lack of trying. She is strong. I think my not quite 2-year-old is taking steroids behind my back. Clearly, the only explanation.

2) Washing Hair

  This little girl loves water, she loves it! She begs to go take a shower and strips down anytime she hears the water running. Pools, baths, dog or cat water dishes; she doesn’t discriminate she loves them all. She will happily splash in the shower right until the second I put shampoo in her hair. She screams bloody murder. I’m worried that our neighbors think I’m actually trying to kill her. We have this fight almost daily. You would think that she would remember that every time we shower I have to clean her. Nope. Doesn’t seem to ring a bell for her. Since she showers with me, I’m the bad guy. Daddy is the dashing prince who has come to save her from her mean mommy that doesn’t want a child that smells like a foot.

3) Potty Training

I know she is still a bit young for potty training. She has her little training potty that she loves to play with. Play with. Nothing else. She also loves to sit on the real potty. She will fake using it, there’s a lot of grunting. She seems to enjoy trying the potty after she goes in her diaper, or on the floor. Lately, a lot of floor. Today has been a struggle with all of the issues listed. Today she pooped in her trash can. She brought it to me and said “icky.” I would agree, it was pretty icky. I called my mom and she just laughed. I called my husband and he laughed as well. There was no laughing coming from me. There is awareness there, I think it’s simply she isn’t interested in being potty trained. Ugh……

4) Keeping Clothes/Diapers on

I won’t post any naked photos of my child online. Even if she has the cutest buns. For what I feel are obvious reasons, I don’t want to post anything that could get into the wrong hands, or shame my child in the future. This kind of goes along with #3. I wouldn’t mind if she was naked nearly as much, if she was potty trained. This girl just loves to strip down and run around. Unfortunately, this has led to several accidents on the carpet. I’m fairly certain she pooped in her room today but I can’t seem to find it. I feel like I searched her room up and down, no sign of the culprit.

5) Naps/Bedtime

M has always been a terrible napper. She doesn’t want to miss a thing. Ever. Even when she is beyond exhausted. Apparently because she seems to hate me, we had a struggle with both her nap and bedtime tonight. She will scream and fight sleep, sometimes making herself throw up from crying so hard. We put a baby gate up at night-time, since she wanders out of her bed. She does sleep through the night, which I believe we deserve at least that. Sometimes getting her down for a nap or bedtime can take 2-3 hours, no matter what we do. She has been falling asleep at her gate more frequently. Right now she is still working on getting to sleep by the gate at her door. My husband will move her back to her bed once she’s in a deep sleep.

So sweet I almost want to bring her to my bed. Almost.

So sweet I almost want to bring her to my bed. Almost.

I’m sure I will get to deal with the same stuff tomorrow, and the next day, and the next; until I think my head will explode. I love this child so much though. As frustrating and disgusting as it is to be a mom at times, she is by far my greatest accomplishment. She is my tiny best friend. One day she won’t need me. One day she will be all grown up and I will long for the days of her struggling to nap next to me. It’s unbelievable to me how motherhood can be so challenging, heartbreaking, and heartwarming all at the same time. Now some time to myself to regroup until the fun begins again when she wakes up. I really hope it’s after 8am!

No Panties? No Problem?

This might be true, if I wasn’t talking about my non-potty trained toddler. She has become quite the exhibitionist lately. She loves to strip off her clothes and pull her diapers off. I can’t keep them on her!

We are in the beginning stages of attempting to introduce her to the potty. She likes to sit on her little potty, but doesn’t seem interested in actually trying to use it. We also have a little potty seat that fits in our toilet, which she also declines to use.

The past week has gotten more difficult. She has a history of taking off her clothes, but usually leaves her diaper on. Now she just wants to streak and parade around in her birthday suit. The only reason this bothers me is that she isn’t potty trained and I don’t want bodily fluids all over my house.

My hopes may be too high. On Thursday evening she was running around without clothes on, our new normal. My husband came home and saw a naked baby and gave me a questioning look. I told him she wouldn’t wear anything, and not for my lack of effort.

We practiced sitting on the potty. Asked her if she needed to go many times. She continuously said no. She was running back and forth between our bedroom and hers. Next thing we know, she is squatting behind the chair in her room and peeing on the floor. Doesn’t seem to faze her in the slightest. She continues to play as if nothing happened.

On Friday night, we were in a similar situation. She seemed to be more interested in spending some time on her potty. We asked again if she needed to use it, she declined. This went on for a good 20-30 minutes. Next thing we know, she is peeing in the hallway. She did grab a baby wipe and was trying to clean the carpet, which was endearing.

I’m not complaining about this situation. I don’t feel that I need advice on what to do. I know she will learn to use the potty when she is ready. I think we are headed in that direction, I just am not sure if we are there yet. It’s the in-between that is slightly concerning. She definitely needs diapers, but doesn’t want to wear them. She isn’t interested in the toilet. She knows how to dress and undress herself. She’s just under 20 months and is very strong willed.

She gives us no indication that she is aware that she had to pee yet. She is very aware that diapers, panties, pants are of no interest to her. I know there is a solution. I know we will figure this all out. I am hopeful this resolves itself before she starts making “art” with her waste. That is my greatest fear. People do that at the jail often. Makes it more of a reality that things like that actually happen. Please oh please dear child, please don’t make me presents just yet.

Mommyhood sure does have its ups and downs. While this behavior is kind of humorous because she is so darn cute, it is not one of my favorite cleaning activities. They should have highly absorbent diaper lined rugs that people can place all over their floors when they are anywhere near the potty training process. Maybe I’ll make a diaper quilt and cover our entire house with it.