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Thankful Thursday #6

(PC: The Berry)

I am thankful for my bed. I may have written about my bed before, but I am really thankful for it. It’s so comfy. It’s especially nice to have a comfy bed when I’m not feeling my best. So, if you read my post from very early this morning. I didn’t end up going to bed until after 4am. With a toddler there isn’t much hope that I’ll get to sleep in after that. But I did! I put on Mickey Mouse Christmas and got some much needed sleep.

I guess I am also thankful for Mickey Mouse Christmas for keeping my kid entertained so I could sleep. Also, indoor plumbing. So thankful for indoor plumbing. What did women do when they had bladder infections before they had a bathroom in their house? Can you imagine having a bladder infection and having to use an outhouse? Eww!!! I bet using an outhouse didn’t speed along the healing process from an infection and probably made it worse.

So while it may not be a long list that I’m thankful for today, they are both important to me. I am feeling slightly better than I was from my earlier post. We were able to go to Hobby Lobby and get some stuff to decorate some ornaments later. I wanted to go yesterday but I felt too sick. Having the energy to go to the store was quite an ordeal for me. Sometimes it takes all my energy to just get out of bed. But like I said, I really really like my bed!

(PC: The Berry)

Zero to Meltdown in a Matter of Moments

My chunky girl. The good 'ol days when she used to sleep.

My chunky girl. The good ‘ol days when she used to sleep.

I don’t think I was fully prepared for the toddler struggles. It was like a switch was turned on once she hit 2. If I mention it to other parents, it’s met with “just wait until she is 3!” Every person’s perception is their own reality. I’m sure 3 has struggles as well. We aren’t there yet. 2 is overwhelming right now.

My sweet, happy girl has turned into a very emotional, stubborn, opinionated and independent child. Not saying these are bad qualities. I love that she has a strong personality. It’s the adjustment to all the temper tantrums that I was not fully prepared for.

You can make all these plans for how you want to parent and raise your child. Once you actually have a child these plans become obsolete. You can plan and plan and read all the parenting books; all the tips may not be applicable to you. You might think you have things figured out and your child will be like; “nope, but thanks for trying.”

We are still struggling with sleep. It has been getting worse. We try to let her “cry it out” she gets so upset. I am seriously fearful that I am causing her psychological harm. It just feels awful. Then you have other parents tell you that if you give in, your child wins. No, no one wins when no one gets sleep. No one wins when a child, your child is struggling with something but can’t articulate what she is feeling.

We have also given in and try to rock her to sleep. Or I have tried to sleep with her in her toddler bed. This is becoming a regular thing unfortunately, it’s not my favorite. I will have her asleep, and in a deep sleep; the second I leave she pops awake and screams. The past couple of nights we have been bringing her into our bed to sleep. While I’m not thrilled with the idea of co-sleeping; I am stoked about the idea of sleep in general. I enjoy sleep. I will do just about anything to sleep.

Toddler feet in my face all night? Sure. If it means I can sleep, I’m all in. If this means that my child isn’t making herself throw up in the middle of the night because she’s so upset, I am in. I don’t know if this promotes temper tantrums during the day. I don’t know if this teaches her to keep fighting until she gets her way. I do know I have tried many methods. Some work. Some don’t. Some work for a week or 2 then are no longer effective.

Another lovely pasttime when baby girl would snuggle up in a sleep sack. Those things were magical!

Another lovely past time when baby girl would snuggle up in a sleep sack. Those things were magical!

What I do know is that at times I miss my sweet, cuddly, chubby baby. I miss her sleeping all night long for 12 hours straight. We really had it good, naively hoping it would last. I know so many mama’s and parents in general struggle with sleep issues. I hope we find a solution that works for us. I hope we get some good sleep in the very near future. Once again, I am writing as my toddler is crying hysterically while plopped on the floor in her room. She is starting to quiet down. Heartbreaking. Heartbreaking for me as well. Can I cry too? If I did would anyone come scoop me up and rock me to sleep? Maybe I’ll try the temper tantrum method with my mom and see if I get as much sympathy as I give my daughter. I’m guessing that would be a no. An empathic no.

How I try to keep my Sanity when my Toddler REFUSES to Sleep

I constantly have to remind myself that I have always wanted to be a mother. These refusing to sleep moments I can easily forget. That’s why I posted the above photo, because she is so cute. Reminder to self; I love being a mother, I love being a mother, I love being a mother….

She will not always fight bedtime, right? She will want to sleep some day? Please, someone tell me she will love sleep in the very near future. After a very eventful day of celebrating her 2nd birthday, I thought bedtime would be quite easy.

I’m not that lucky. Apparently, I can’t be right when it comes to my tiny human. I’ve read to her; sang to her; said our Amens (our prayers); kissed her milk, stuffed animals and her tootsie feets. Nothing satisfies her.

She was asleep 3 times already. THREE! I went to leave and she popped up instantly screaming. I had to be in her bed with her. I do not comfortably fit in a toddler bed. She is crying as I write this. No idea what it is about this time.

I’m using her cries as a white noise machine. Yes, absolutely the same. So soothing.. Yeah. How I survive these moments, is by writing. Ignoring her cries the best I can, so hard. (She is crying for a “mommy huggy” right now, oh my heart). Eat lots of chocolate. Call my mom. Pet my cats. And then eventually cave and rock her to sleep. Thus, prolonging our nightly bedtime struggles.

Don’t judge me. You would totally cave too if you heard these cries. These sweet desperate pleas to have a “huggy.” And now she is making herself throw up. Oh yes, the joys of motherhood. I love being a mother, I love being a mother, I love being a mother…..

Say Night to my Milk

Mommy wants me to sleep in the car, no way? I will hide and then she can't force me to nap!

Mommy wants me to sleep in the car, no way! I will hide and then she can’t force me to nap!

Yes, “Say night to milk” is a new common occurrence in our home. As I’m sure many mothers of young children experience, there are numerous delays in the bedtime process. Whether you have a routine or not, some kiddos are very independent and head strong and frankly don’t care that they are supposed to be sleeping.

My little monster has been needy, clingy and extra stubborn lately. We have always had issues with nap time. Now bedtime is being delayed longer and longer, with more requests for silly things. We say our prayers or “amens” as we call them every night. We turn on her music. Put on jammies. Either my husband or I will rock her for a few minutes. Sometimes we do a story. Usually she gets both mommy and daddy to tuck her in.

Apparently, cookie monster has been whispering in her ear that it would be a good idea to nap. Thank you cookie monster!

Apparently, cookie monster has been whispering in her ear that it would be a good idea to nap. Thank you cookie monster!

We put a gate up in her doorway. If we didn’t do this, I’m fearful that bedtime would take 5 times as long. I’m actually pretty certain it would take that much longer. Sometimes, we hit the jackpot and she will stay in her bed the first time we put her there. Our bedtime struggles don’t matter if she is beyond exhausted or not.

Now she asks every night for “daddy kisses,” “mommy kisses.” Then she wants us to kiss her baby doll. Kiss her “Ellie” (her elephant blankie that is her favorite). We have to kiss whatever stuffed creature is in her bed. Kiss her tootsie feets. Kiss her arms. And now…..kiss her cup of milk. If we won’t there is a meltdown. Silliest thing ever.

She is a pistol. Constantly all over the place, all day long. Goodness is she cute. She is so sweet. She refers to herself as “baby.” I treasure these moments, most of the time. I admit, sometimes there is an eye roll when asked to kiss her milk, usually followed by a giggle. My silly, sweet girl is precious. She knows how to delay bedtime and has my husband and I both wrapped around her little finger.

I may have said this before, but I will follow through; once she is old enough to enjoy sleeping in I won’t let her. I will jump on her bed. Climb in and force cuddles. I will poke at her eyes, nose and mouth. I will ask her to play at ridiculously early hours of the morning. It will happen! My husband agrees. I think it’s only fair!

Fast asleep (minus the fast) at her gated door.

Fast asleep (minus the fast) at her gated door.

While I enjoy spending tons of time with my little girl. I prefer to be near a well-rested tiny human. Tiny humans aren’t fun to be around when they are sleepy. If you disagree, I’ll let you hang out with my toddler for 20 minutes when she is refusing to sleep. You will give her back, I promise you that. I want my kid to sleep. I want to sleep. I just want to sleep!

Baby Boundaries

As a mom, we are told endless amounts of parenting advice and how to “train” our children. One of the most important to me is getting her to become a good sleeper. Like I’ve stated before, my girl is a pretty terrible napper. We have been lucky that since she was 3 months old she has slept through the night! Usually 7pm to 7am; it’s as wonderful as you can imagine.

Since the beginning of the year, this has changed. She is in a big girl bed and lacks self-control to stay in her bed any time she wakes up. She has become extra clingy in the recent months and wants to sleep in our bed. We have gated her in her room in an attempt to get her to stay in there!

Bed time is less of a struggle than it was in the beginning. She rarely gets up and comes to the gate, knowing that it is her time to sleep. I would say the past few weeks, she consistently gets up around 1:30 – 2:00 and again around 4:30 – 5:00 wanting to come sleep in our bed.

We have tried to let her cry it out. I struggle with this because from the way she cries, it sounds like I’m traumatizing her. She will make herself throw up, very dramatic. When we set boundaries that we will let her cry and throw up so she can learn these manipulative behaviors won’t make us cave in, they aren’t the most effective.

I am not the loveliest person when I am woken up. I hate getting up early. I hate being woken up. What kills me, is on the monitor I see my munchkin getting ready to come to our room. I want to know what goes on in her mind. You can see her climb out of her bed. Then she will come back and grab her elephant blanket “Ellie”. Then she will go back and pick out a couple more items and start making her way into our room.

This is the most adorable thing that she does. She must be like “hmm, what do I need to bring to go to mom and dad’s bed? A couple of toys? Check! A couple of blankets? Check! Yup, time to go visit mom and dad. Surely they will be thrilled to see me!” Then she will scream, and I mean fully commits to letting us know she needs to enter our room immediately!

She’s so cute, we let her get away with this. Unfortunately, I know we are only encouraging this behavior and this will make the pattern more difficult to break. While I love her more than anything, my grumpy, sleep deprived brain starts to plot my revenge. Oh yes! When she is a teenager and wants to sleep in, I’m going to force my way in her bed and make her snuggle with me. I’m going to throw fits until she pays attention to me and put my fingers in her eyes and nose. She will see how cute it is then!