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Target is my Antidepressant

Can a girl get a prescription please? I don’t know if it’s possible to be sad in Target. Unless you are a 2 year-old. The rest of society should be elated each time you are in the store. They have everything! And I love me some everything!

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I went there with my BFF and daughter the other day. It’s like a date with my bestie. We always have fun there and spend way too much time and money. I asked one of the employees if I could live there. I didn’t get a response. I’m quite insulted actually.

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Target really is a great date idea. Especially if my husband comes and supports my addiction to stuff. I really do need to declutter, but how can I declutter unless I have the perfect organization bins for all my stuff? While I’m there I probably need some clothes that will make me happy. Then I need some groceries. While here we should absolutely check out the dollar section. It’s a dollar so I need it. Holiday stuff has to be looked at. That’s why they put the displays up early, so people can oooo and ahhhhh at it. Which I do. Then I get more ideas for how I need to organize my house. See me thought process?

Well, my 2 year-old doesn’t like my process unless I get her everything her heart desires. I’m not made of money kid! I wouldn’t let her get a Paw Patrol themed bed spread. That was a mistake. Little girl threw herself on the floor and had a long wail. I stood back and let her sort it out. As a parent you know that little ones cannot always be reasoned with. Might was well let her get it out of her system.

Poor kid. We had a rough go for a bit. Thankfully something else caught her attention and she was back to my sweet girl. Target can be overwhelming for a kid. Probably overstimulating. She will appreciate the amazingness of Target as she gets bigger. She will learn that Target completes lives.

Why yes, we did have a little bit of a licking the cart incident. Germs make for a healthy immune system, right? Sure, we will go with that. So gross. Anyway, she does know that when we check out she gets a sticker. Her sweet voice asked for a sticker and then says thank you. Enough to melt my heart. Then I get complimented on her good manners. I will take it. Yes she sure did have a temper tantrum, but little girl knows how to rock those “pleases” and “thank you’s” so that’s something!

Zero to Meltdown in a Matter of Moments

My chunky girl. The good 'ol days when she used to sleep.

My chunky girl. The good ‘ol days when she used to sleep.

I don’t think I was fully prepared for the toddler struggles. It was like a switch was turned on once she hit 2. If I mention it to other parents, it’s met with “just wait until she is 3!” Every person’s perception is their own reality. I’m sure 3 has struggles as well. We aren’t there yet. 2 is overwhelming right now.

My sweet, happy girl has turned into a very emotional, stubborn, opinionated and independent child. Not saying these are bad qualities. I love that she has a strong personality. It’s the adjustment to all the temper tantrums that I was not fully prepared for.

You can make all these plans for how you want to parent and raise your child. Once you actually have a child these plans become obsolete. You can plan and plan and read all the parenting books; all the tips may not be applicable to you. You might think you have things figured out and your child will be like; “nope, but thanks for trying.”

We are still struggling with sleep. It has been getting worse. We try to let her “cry it out” she gets so upset. I am seriously fearful that I am causing her psychological harm. It just feels awful. Then you have other parents tell you that if you give in, your child wins. No, no one wins when no one gets sleep. No one wins when a child, your child is struggling with something but can’t articulate what she is feeling.

We have also given in and try to rock her to sleep. Or I have tried to sleep with her in her toddler bed. This is becoming a regular thing unfortunately, it’s not my favorite. I will have her asleep, and in a deep sleep; the second I leave she pops awake and screams. The past couple of nights we have been bringing her into our bed to sleep. While I’m not thrilled with the idea of co-sleeping; I am stoked about the idea of sleep in general. I enjoy sleep. I will do just about anything to sleep.

Toddler feet in my face all night? Sure. If it means I can sleep, I’m all in. If this means that my child isn’t making herself throw up in the middle of the night because she’s so upset, I am in. I don’t know if this promotes temper tantrums during the day. I don’t know if this teaches her to keep fighting until she gets her way. I do know I have tried many methods. Some work. Some don’t. Some work for a week or 2 then are no longer effective.

Another lovely pasttime when baby girl would snuggle up in a sleep sack. Those things were magical!

Another lovely past time when baby girl would snuggle up in a sleep sack. Those things were magical!

What I do know is that at times I miss my sweet, cuddly, chubby baby. I miss her sleeping all night long for 12 hours straight. We really had it good, naively hoping it would last. I know so many mama’s and parents in general struggle with sleep issues. I hope we find a solution that works for us. I hope we get some good sleep in the very near future. Once again, I am writing as my toddler is crying hysterically while plopped on the floor in her room. She is starting to quiet down. Heartbreaking. Heartbreaking for me as well. Can I cry too? If I did would anyone come scoop me up and rock me to sleep? Maybe I’ll try the temper tantrum method with my mom and see if I get as much sympathy as I give my daughter. I’m guessing that would be a no. An empathic no.

Toddler Fights and Kitten Bites!!!

After an eventful day at work, I arrived home to learn my darling little girl took a 30 minute nap. Sounds about right. I knew she would be fussy, but I wasn’t expecting the meltdown of the century.

This little girl has lungs! She is also very dedicated to her cause. The reason for such an extreme meltdown? I wouldn’t let her pour water all over the floor. Seriously! 45 minute meltdown with shrill screaming and noises I have never heard from her before!

I tried everything! Distraction? Nope, not cutting it! Offering a cookie? She looked at me with disgust! Tried to snuggle with her, almost got kicked in my jaw; several times. Singing to her? Absolutely not! That made her cry harder. Ignoring her? This little drama queen followed me around throwing herself on the ground and screaming as loudly as she could.

I called both my husband and my mother. I put it on speaker phone. I didn’t want to talk with them, just let them see this side of her. Also, to reassure myself that I’m not crazy and this is actually happening. Surprisingly, I was fairly calm throughout the ordeal. I tuned her out at some point. Survival skills must have kicked in.

One of our cats HATES shrill/loud sounds. The screaming was offensive to her ears. Rather than go somewhere else in the house to avoid the loud screaming, she meowed loudly in my face several times. I tried to reassure her. No success. I’m striking out with the kid and the kitties today.

As if a screaming, tantrum throwing toddler isn’t difficult enough, my cat decides to bite me. Hard. Three times! 3!!! Her tiny razor teeth got my foot, arm and shoulder! Holy hell that hurt! Made me want to hide under a blanket for several years. It was really quite rude!

This was the first major meltdown I have experienced. Probably my karma for being a world record holder for most extreme tantrums. My parents love to remind me of what a screamer I used to be! Anyway, I can say that I’m officially stumped on what I dislike more. For now it’s a draw between tantrums and cat bites. They both equally piss me off and hurt my sensitive little heart!

I am in bed, enjoying some sacred moments of solitude. I have a raging headache. I want to throw up a bit. Probably from the headache. I love that sweet little girl, who shows me that she isn’t always so sweet. I love my cats. I think my daughter is showing me she is a determined, strong-willed child. One day, when the tantrums are long forgotten I’m sure I will be grateful that she has a strong personality. I need a snack. Something chocolate. That will soothe my soul….