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Thankful Thursdays #11

With all the awful IC flare ups, I am struggling to find things to be thankful for. I like to express what I am grateful for because I think it’s so important to realize that when we are in a negative head space that there are still some things that are a blessing. Even if you have to really, really, rrreaaalllllyyy dig deep to find that blessing.

(PC: The Meta Picture)

So I know the picture is more related to periods, but I feel like this is my life constantly. Except I don’t if it’s more my IC or Endo. I had a laparoscopic procedure in Oct. 2012 due to pelvic pain. That’s where they found several ovarian cysts, (one the size of my ovary) Endometriosis and an adhesion. The Endo was all over, including my bladder. So I’m thinking and hoping that the Endo is on my bladder instead of my symptoms just being from IC. Because if the constant pain is from Endo then I’m seriously just going to beg them to take it all. Remove all the crap that is making my life a living hell.

If it’s not, and the issue is the IC I will more than likely have a very large meltdown. Feeling like this is overwhelming and contributing to my depression getting worse. However, I am very open and honest with my husband and Doctor and I am managing the depression okay. Chronic pain, certain conditions/diseases just suck the life out of you. I am trying. I really am. It’s just hard.

So, back to the thankful part, I know there hasn’t been anything positive so far. I am thankful that we have amazing insurance! I’ve had good insurance, crap insurance and no insurance before. Since I’ve been married, our insurance has been incredible. It’s so appreciated. Especially with all my issues. I started a new medication yesterday, Uribel. It’s a 4 time a day pill. I’m not sure if it’s new or not, but I have tried every med for my IC with little to no relief. I’m hopeful this will be one that helps me feel better.

A major negative to this med is that it can cost an average of $300/month. That is ridiculous. At the same time, I would willingly go broke if it meant I got some relief. I would also cut of my arms at this point to get relief. I know that good insurance is hard to find, but we have a great plan, which allows me the opportunity to explore the numerous medication and treatment options to get me feeling like a normal human again.

Oh, and I fun little perk of the medication is that it turns my pee blue. Not Windex blue, more of a happy, cloudless day blue. So when I do pee it is a fun little surprise since I’ve never had blue pee before. Pretty thrilling for the moment.

Thankful Thursdays # 10

I’m thankful for pie. Specifically, I am thankful for Edwards Cookies and Creme pie. Yum. If you haven’t tried it you should. It’s in the frozen section. My husband picked up one last night, and not surprising that I only have one very teeny piece left. I have no self-control. And to be fair, my daughter had a few bites too.

Since I don’t have self-control I am also thankful for stretchy pants. Because when my stomach gets overfilled with delicious pie no one can really tell. And I get to remain in comfy clothes and don’t feel like I’m going to burst out of them.

I am also thankful that my husband only picked up one. I was going to ask him to pick me up at least 2, possibly 3. It’s a good thing he didn’t because I bet I would be almost finished with the third one by now.

Just look at that little slice of heaven. Look at it! This picture makes me want to go down to the fridge and finish what’s left. The only thing that isn’t my most favorite about this pie is that you need to wait for it to be thawed before digging in. I want my instant gratification.

Thankful Thursday #9

Sorry this one is so late in the day, my hubby and I were in the mountains with some friends. I’m thankful that tomorrow is a new year. While I don’t love New Years resolutions, I am looking forward to a fresh start. I think we can have a fresh start anytime, but the New Year really gives us motivation for positive change.

I want to make 2016 a fantastic year. I want to be more gentle with myself. I want to have a semi-filter. Right now there is no filter, I would love to have this talent for my job. Sometimes I stick my foot in my mouth, generally not with the inmates/my clients. It’s usually with my co-workers. And I’m thankful that my filter-less mouth hasn’t gotten me into too much trouble….yet. I really need to watch it.

(Photo found on Facebook)

I’m thankful that after a long and cold day in the mountains that I am now snuggled up in bed and am warm. I’m thankful that my in-laws watched our monster…I mean daughter so we could play. And I’m thankful to have a husband who enjoys ringing in the new year by being asleep. This is our 6th New Years that we will have kept up our tradition of going to bed by 9 or 10. We’ve both done New Years, we don’t need to stay up late to celebrate!

Hope you all have a wonderful, fun and very safe New Years!

Thankful Thursdays #8

This Thursday I’m so thankful for my co-workers who have my back and check in on me after a rough day. I hit the jackpot when it comes to co-workers. They make it easier to handle a difficult job. They make it worth it to come back to work every week. So I’m just soooo grateful for that.

Since it’s Christmas Eve I am stoked to be spending the afternoon and evening with my side of the family. I love being around them, even if we are dysfunctional at times….or a lot. I love tradition and for the majority of my life my family celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve. Then we might spend Christmas day with extended family if they were close.

With a toddler it is hard to clean the house. Plus I don’t like chores. But I think I have the house ready for my family.

(PC: The Berry)

 This is me. Not just during the holidays, pretty much whenever my family comes over because they are all into having spotless houses. I am not. Clutter is my friend. My house feels lived in. I am thankful that I can have my house decorated and as put together as I like or how much time I want to spend cleaning my house.

(PC: The Berry)

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas! I hope it is filled with good company, enough food, a warm place to stay, and much happiness! I am also happy that Christmas time is a great reminder that Jesus was born. It’s not about the gifts or trivial things; it’s about family and remembering that this holiday is to celebrate Jesus’ birth. I’m glad I didn’t have to give birth to my daughter in a stable. I wouldn’t have survived that I think!

Ok truly wishing you are a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Thankful Thursdays #7

Yep, that’s my hair. I donated about 10 inches. In total we cut off 11 inches, possibly 12. That’s a lot of hair. I needed a cut badly. My hair is super thick and if people are envious, don’t be. It’s heavy and so hard to manage. However, I shouldn’t even be complaining because I do have hair.

I’m thankful that I have the ability to donate my hair to little girls or women who have lost theirs. This is my 4th or 5th donation. So today’s thankful list is short. I am so glad that my annoyingly thick hair will hopefully benefit someone else in the near future. I’m grateful that I have hair and I’m able to get mine done pretty.

And that’s a selfie. I don’t take a lot of those. The end product. I love it, but I’m also getting used to it and am scared that I look like a boy. Yay for irrational thoughts. Also, if you live in the Denver area or are close to the north Denver area, I get my hair done at Salon Toujours Belle. Alaina Niblett does mine, check her out if you’re in the area or her FB page; Hair By Alaina.