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Target is my Antidepressant

Can a girl get a prescription please? I don’t know if it’s possible to be sad in Target. Unless you are a 2 year-old. The rest of society should be elated each time you are in the store. They have everything! And I love me some everything!

(PC: WTF Pinterest)

I went there with my BFF and daughter the other day. It’s like a date with my bestie. We always have fun there and spend way too much time and money. I asked one of the employees if I could live there. I didn’t get a response. I’m quite insulted actually.

(PC: Some Ecards)

Target really is a great date idea. Especially if my husband comes and supports my addiction to stuff. I really do need to declutter, but how can I declutter unless I have the perfect organization bins for all my stuff? While I’m there I probably need some clothes that will make me happy. Then I need some groceries. While here we should absolutely check out the dollar section. It’s a dollar so I need it. Holiday stuff has to be looked at. That’s why they put the displays up early, so people can oooo and ahhhhh at it. Which I do. Then I get more ideas for how I need to organize my house. See me thought process?

Well, my 2 year-old doesn’t like my process unless I get her everything her heart desires. I’m not made of money kid! I wouldn’t let her get a Paw Patrol themed bed spread. That was a mistake. Little girl threw herself on the floor and had a long wail. I stood back and let her sort it out. As a parent you know that little ones cannot always be reasoned with. Might was well let her get it out of her system.

Poor kid. We had a rough go for a bit. Thankfully something else caught her attention and she was back to my sweet girl. Target can be overwhelming for a kid. Probably overstimulating. She will appreciate the amazingness of Target as she gets bigger. She will learn that Target completes lives.

Why yes, we did have a little bit of a licking the cart incident. Germs make for a healthy immune system, right? Sure, we will go with that. So gross. Anyway, she does know that when we check out she gets a sticker. Her sweet voice asked for a sticker and then says thank you. Enough to melt my heart. Then I get complimented on her good manners. I will take it. Yes she sure did have a temper tantrum, but little girl knows how to rock those “pleases” and “thank you’s” so that’s something!

TBT – My Little Monkey

I should have started a blog when I was pregnant. So many stories. I won’t annoy anyone with those for right now. We are up for phone renewals so I’ve been saving all my photos from my phone. There are so many cute ones of my little monkey that just warm my heart.

They also make me sad. Seriously, how quickly is time going? When I was a kid everything seemed to take f o r e v e r!!! Now I blink and my kid is 2! Next thing I know she will be driving and heading off to college. Gross. I’m not ready for this at all.

Each time we renew our phones, I switch my all time favorite photos to the new one. I’m so excited for the new one to arrive, I hear it takes amazing photos! But it makes me think about how quickly time goes by. Being a mom I get so consumed with every day tasks. I’m trying to survive tantrums, work, house cleaning; and keeping my sanity. I often take for granted these special opportunities I have with my little girl of just letting her be litte. I need to let her make messes without stressing about having to have the house spotless. I need to let her act silly and scream, without trying to get her to quiet down. She’s learning. She’s having fun. The clean house can wait (of course it can, that’s the least of my concerns anyway).

(Me and baby! Sometimes we like to dress up as kitties! Who wouldn’t enjoy that? Also, we have lots of fun at pumpkin patches)

It’s funny, when I look back at all the photos, I know there was stress between each memory. I don’t remember it all that well. I know we struggled with sleep and naps; we still do. Seeing these pictures sleep is so not what I’m thinking about. I see a happy, vibrant, independent child who loves to explore. I see a family that is thriving. While photos tend to be the highlight reel of our lives, these are the times I want to remember. I don’t want to focus on the times when I’m so stressed that my kid won’t take a nap that I think I’m going to have a mental breakdown. Honestly, when she tests my patience; sometimes I want to run away. Just when I think I’m about to scream she will be so sweet, or pass out, or want “mommy huggy” that all the stress vanishes. God probably made toddlers so cute because he knew they were stressful. He knew that with a simple phrase, look or touch; adults would melt at these little gremlins.

Okay. I admit it. We make a pretty stellar baby. I made that myself! With just a bit of help from my husband. I cooked her though. That was quite a lot of effort. I think we will keep her. Best thing I’ve ever made, and I’m pretty crafty!

Cuddle Fairy

5 Things I Really Had to Say to My Toddler This Week

1) We do NOT put drumsticks in the kitty’s litter box:

Yes. I found my little girl in the laundry room, digging around the litter box with some drumsticks. I asked her what she was doing, she said; “playing.” I told her we don’t do that. She laughed of course. Then I had to thoroughly wash her hands, and mine….several times. Gross!

2) We do NOT wash our hands in applesauce:

She had some applesauce with her dinner. I was cleaning up the kitchen. Then I hear a sweet voice say; “I clean my hands.” She enjoys washing her hands and helping clean lately. However, this time she was cleaning then in her applesauce. Of course she made sure to get some between every finger. Then she spread it onto the counter and her chair. It was fun.

3) No, you may not get naked in front of your friends:

We had some of her friends come over yesterday. She likes older kids. They leave their clothes on. Not sure why she felt the need to strip in the living room. But she did. Then strutted away with her cute cheeks hanging out.

4) The fridge is not a good place for a nap:

This one scares me a bit. She now knows how to open the fridge and freezer doors. Except she is fascinated by trying to fit in, and tries to close the door. Thank goodness she is too big to actually succeed at this. She likes to kind of sit in the door and try to snack on pickles. Yep.

5) The carpet does not need to be blow-dried:

This one is kinda my fault. I can’t leave her alone for 1 second. And I mean, literally 1 second. I was blow drying my hair in the hallway. For some reason my outlets in my bathroom and the guest bathroom aren’t working. The breakers seem to be fine. Anyway, I was drying my hair in the hallway. I left it on the floor to let the dog back inside. Then I hear the smoke detectors going off. My sweet angel was holding the blow dryer on the carpet. In the middle of the hallway. You can’t hide it. It’s been a really fun week. I mean, really super fun. I don’t even know where she comes up with these ideas.

I’m pretty certain that this child is the main reason I have to dye my hair frequently now. I’m not quite 32. I’ve had to dye my hair for a couple of years now. My daughter is 2. Coincidence? I think not. I need help! Grey is not flattering with my skin tone.

(Photo Credit: The Chive)

“Oh S@!#, Oh S@!#, Oh S@!#”

(Photo Credit: The Berry)

It has come to that time where I really need to watch what I say, especially in front of such little ears. I rarely, to never, cuss online. I just don’t feel the need to use profanity on any social media sites, because I don’t want to be offensive. In my every day life, my mouth is not as clean.

My mother can attest to my potty mouth. I know she hates when I cuss. I work in a jail. There isn’t much that offends me. I’ve been called every name under the sun. I get called the C-word without flinching. I’m much more offended and hurt if someone says I’m not nice rather can calling me a bitch.

I definitely cuss more on the days that I’m working at the jail. Hazard of the job. I’ve had people tell me I really need to watch what I say so that my daughter doesn’t pick up my potty mouth habits. I brushed them off, because I really didn’t care all the much. It doesn’t really bother me. But it bothers my husband and it really bothers my mom.

I still didn’t think much about it, because my sweet girl is still pretty little. I was actually talking about this very topic with my parents last weekend. They advised me that I really should start watching my mouth because little ears are always listening and I need to be a good example. I agree. I shouldn’t say things and then expect my daughter to not be allowed to say those same things. I need to show her in my actions how to behave and be kind. Which, unfortunately for me, entails having a clean mouth.

So here’s what happened. We were having a wonderful Labor Day weekend with my parents on a lake. It was beautiful and relaxing. We got some ice cream. My little lady got bubblegum (side note: that is the most disgusting flavor of ice cream). It was near bedtime and my husband and I were trying to get her down for the night. Little miss started coughing, which led to her throwing up.

The throwing up led to the cussing. As she was throwing up she said; “Oh s@!#, oh s@!#, oh S@!#” over and over. At first I started laughing because it was unexpected and honestly pretty cute. Then my husband comes in and asks me; “is she saying what I think she’s saying?” I shook my head and tried to play it off, “no, she would never say such a thing.” Then started nodding that yes, yes indeed she was saying “oh shit.”

I went upstairs and told my parents what had happened. I jinxed myself but having that discussion with my parents. They giggled though, because when a 2 year old cusses, it’s slightly horrifying but also pretty cute.

While it still doesn’t bug me all that much if my daughter cusses, I don’t think other parents will be so pleased if they learn naughty words from my child because I can’t control what I say. I count myself as a classy person, some may disagree because of my language. I do think that there is a part of me that really does want to clean up my mouth because I don’t want to be vulgar and rude. I want my daughter to be proud of me and look up to me. I don’t want her to take on my bad habits, just because bad words don’t upset me.

Toddlers get into EVERYTHING

This picture sums up my life lately.


People who have more than one child are super humans. This very busy little girl keeps me on my toes. She exhausts me. I love being her mommy. But her spunk and lack of wanting to rest (EVER) baffle me on how people can handle more than one kid! Seriously, how do you do that?

Chasing after her all day long takes a lot out of me. I love when my husband gets home from work where I tag him in. Mama needs a break. I sometimes feel guilty only working 2 days a week. I sometimes don’t feel like I’m adequately providing for my family. Then there are the days (most of them) where it is a blessing from the heavens that my little girl is still alive. Being responsible for a tiny human is A LOT of work. A LOT. You all know.

Some days I am completely overwhelmed and want to just be 18 again. Then I look into this little girls beautiful face and my heart melts.


My heart completely melts…then she gives me a mischievous look and I know we are in for another adventure. One that usually results with me cleaning up a mess. Or several.