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Target is my Antidepressant

Can a girl get a prescription please? I don’t know if it’s possible to be sad in Target. Unless you are a 2 year-old. The rest of society should be elated each time you are in the store. They have everything! And I love me some everything!

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I went there with my BFF and daughter the other day. It’s like a date with my bestie. We always have fun there and spend way too much time and money. I asked one of the employees if I could live there. I didn’t get a response. I’m quite insulted actually.

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Target really is a great date idea. Especially if my husband comes and supports my addiction to stuff. I really do need to declutter, but how can I declutter unless I have the perfect organization bins for all my stuff? While I’m there I probably need some clothes that will make me happy. Then I need some groceries. While here we should absolutely check out the dollar section. It’s a dollar so I need it. Holiday stuff has to be looked at. That’s why they put the displays up early, so people can oooo and ahhhhh at it. Which I do. Then I get more ideas for how I need to organize my house. See me thought process?

Well, my 2 year-old doesn’t like my process unless I get her everything her heart desires. I’m not made of money kid! I wouldn’t let her get a Paw Patrol themed bed spread. That was a mistake. Little girl threw herself on the floor and had a long wail. I stood back and let her sort it out. As a parent you know that little ones cannot always be reasoned with. Might was well let her get it out of her system.

Poor kid. We had a rough go for a bit. Thankfully something else caught her attention and she was back to my sweet girl. Target can be overwhelming for a kid. Probably overstimulating. She will appreciate the amazingness of Target as she gets bigger. She will learn that Target completes lives.

Why yes, we did have a little bit of a licking the cart incident. Germs make for a healthy immune system, right? Sure, we will go with that. So gross. Anyway, she does know that when we check out she gets a sticker. Her sweet voice asked for a sticker and then says thank you. Enough to melt my heart. Then I get complimented on her good manners. I will take it. Yes she sure did have a temper tantrum, but little girl knows how to rock those “pleases” and “thank you’s” so that’s something!

What to get my Husband for His Birthday?

My husband and daughter’s birthdays are rapidly approaching. Their birthdays are 2 days a part. My daughter is almost 2, can you believe it? I swear I was just pregnant with her. 

I started going into labor on my husband’s 30th birthday. 2 Days later, our tiny, early love was born. While I did get him gifts for his birthday, I claimed that our daughter was the main gift. Obviously! She’s fantastic. Can this be the gift that keeps on giving? Can I use her for the gift each year? Like ‘here honey, Happy Birthday, remember that one year I made you a human? Yeah, you’re welcome!’ But seriously, can I?

He is the most difficult person to shop for. I don’t care for his birthday, Father’s Day or Christmas. He buys what he wants when he wants it. Or he wants ridiculous things that I can’t afford, and we don’t need. I am a social worker. A part-time social worker. Part-time. I am not bringing in the big bucks here. I can buy you a hug. Is that sufficient? I try to buy activities or experiences since he has ALL the stuff, ALL of it! These are more meaningful. However, some of the experiences we haven’t done yet. That would require us to leave our daughter over night. I still think neither one of us are ready for that yet.

He wants an ice cream cake. He’s lactose intolerant. Supposedly. Or should I say, he is selectively lactose intolerant. That’s more accurate. He won’t eat mac and cheese because it has too much cheese, but lasagna is fine. Regardless, ice cream cake it is, because it’s his day!

It’s not that I’ve waited until the last minute to get him something because I forgot. It’s because I can not think of a single thing he wants or needs. Because of this, I am very seriously considering putting a bow on our daughter and telling him “you’re welcome.” He can’t return it or say he doesn’t like it. Win-win, right? Yep, he’s getting an almost 2 year old. She’s not brand new, but I would classify her as a pretty entertaining and wonderful gift. Happy Birthday to my 2 loves!

Baby Locks are my Nemesis

Every day I feel like we are needing to lock something else down so wee little one can’t destroy the house. I hate baby proofing. I hate that once we make something safe for her, she finds a new way to be destructive.

This kid is funny. She climbs everything! She opens drawers so she can get on the counter. She is fearless. Any time we open the fridge she runs straight for the mustard, what?!? Silly girl!

We started baby proofing when she began to crawl. This was not productive for us. For one thing, the parents are supposed to be smarter than the baby locks. I cannot tell you how many times I locked myself out of cupboards or drawers.

One night, I broke one of the locks so I could get into a cupboard. This is absolutely ridiculous. We decided to use carabiners to lock the cabinets. Success! Since using the carabiners the house seems to be much safer.

Every time we feel that we have a handle on this parenting thing, she finds new things to get into. She has taken over the house. Her toys are spilling out of her room. She has a bunch of stuff in our room. She has several baskets in the family room. Now, she has several cupboards in the kitchen.

We are constantly moving things higher and higher and rapidly running out of space. I love that we are lucky enough for her to have toys to play with and space to take over. I just didn’t realize that we all have SO much stuff. We’ve already donated a bunch. This beautiful child is taking over my house!

She is almost able to climb over the baby gates. How will I be able to contain her then? Once again, my house is trashed! She is mostly clean. She’s full. She seems decently happy and entertained for the moment. We’ve read the same story today at least 7 times already. All in all I call this a win-ish!